Raccoon Pumpkin and his dog life

This story began in the Bahamas a year ago when Rosie Kemp with her daughter Laura walked through the woods and found a tiny raccoon, just a baby girl.

Baby fell from a tree, injured, and, it seems, parents left her to the mercy of fate. Rosie took a touching animal with by herself, and Laura came up with a youngster the funny name Pampkin – Pumpkin. AT her new home already had pets – two dogs with which Tykovka surprisingly quickly found a common language, she mistook these animals for your family.

The cub had to be treated and nursed, but nothing happened OK. Over the year, the raccoon grew, adopted many of his habits friends and sincerely sure that he is also a dog.

Raccoon Pumpkin and Dogs
Raccoon Pumpkin and Dogs
Raccoon Pumpkin and Dogs

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