Purina Van for Dogs: Balanced Feed economy class

Purina Van for Dogs

Purin Van food for dogs has four types: dry, wet, granular, in small pieces.

Reviews of veterinarians and dog owners about inexpensive food for dogs of small breeds vary.

Purina Van is a ready-made food created specifically for dogs small breeds that we often buy with our four-legged to friends.

Therefore, we are trying to diversify their diet with ready-made feeds, hoping that they are not only tasty, but also healthy.

Purina Van for Dogs

Economy food suitable for different breeds


  • 1 Feed Overview
  • 2 Feed composition
  • 3 Pros and Cons
  • 4 Specifics
    • 4.1 Already Adult
    • 4.2 Fidget
    • 4.3 Food Eater
    • 4.4 Sensitive
  • 5 reviews
  • 6 Conclusion

Feed Overview

Before the appearance of Purin Van, the same manufacturer was a whole range of premium dog food has been released – Purina Pro Plan.

The product consists of 19 species intended for feeding dogs, taking into account their breed characteristics, activity and size.

Purin Wan dog food is relatively inexpensive line of dry and wet ready-made Italian food production.

A series of four varieties designed specially for small dogs.

  • Already adult
  • Fidget
  • Food lover
  • Sensitive

Each product is presented in both wet and granular form.

Economy food is ideal for those who want to see your dog healthy and well-fed and at the same time save money.

Owners are invited to treat small dogs with feed. good quality.

In this series there are universal feeds and even medicinal ones, which are intended for animals with poor digestion.

The company “Nestle” has been specializing for decades baby food production.

And since the mid-80s, the company began to develop and produce high-quality pet food, including for dogs.

Purina Van for Dogs

They like to eat something delicious.

Purin Wang’s recently introduced feed is unique in its composition, taking into account the features of the life of small dogs breeds weighing from 1 to 10 kg.

The set of ingredients of such nutrition is significantly different from feed components for larger breeds.

Purina Van for Dogs

Purina Van for dogs is both in dry form and in wet

The consistency of crispy crackers combined with soft pieces, ideal even for small dogs brachycephalus with flattened faces, such as: Pekingese, english bulldogs, pugs, shar pei, japanese hins and others

Due to the structure of the mouth, dogs of these breeds are better cope with semi-moist food than with liquid cereals.

Purina Van for Dogs

Pellets and pieces are specially made small so that doggies it was convenient to eat. Dog food is easy to digest

Feed composition

Small breed dogs need to be thoroughly a selected diet to maintain physical activity and good health.

The diet should take into account not only the characteristics of the rocks, but also depends on age, physical activity, condition health.

Almost the entire purin van food produced for small dogs rocks contains the following ingredients:

  • meat,
  • vegetables,
  • bone and soy flour
  • cereals
  • offal,
  • various vitamin supplements.

Purina Van for Dogs

Specialized dog food is different from human food – all healthy foods are balanced in it

Essential organism added to main product list elements are:

  • iron,
  • copper,
  • manganese,
  • zinc,
  • iodine.

Usually, the average owners do not delve too much into details about their number in milligrams, it is available on packaging.

The combination of components with competently calculated proportions, will not allow the owner of the dog to make a mistake with feeding.

Purin Wang’s feed is completely ready to eat, and does not require third-party dietary supplementation.

The daily rate depends on the characteristics of the dog, its weight, physical activity and even from the time of year.

Recommendation! Translate the dog into finished food gradually. Enter it a little during the week, starting with a small amount and replacing it at the end of the translation already a whole meal.

Purina Van for Dogs

From non-natural, the composition contains aromatic additives – it’s good for poor appetite dogs almost a spoon to persuade to eat

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, Purina Van is not an elite dog food, but it has its advantages.

Purina Van is one of the inexpensive feeds that allows to breeders and dog owners, even in difficult financial situations, maintain the health and activity of the dog at the proper level.

Dogs usually don’t feel the difference when they are transferred from elite expensive feed.

Purina Van – is considered the most worthy food economy class.

You can not worry about the health of your pet if you have to feed to his taste, feel free to go to him.

Purina Van for Dogs

Great choice for dogs with excellent appetite

It makes no sense to look for something more expensive, Purina Van contains all vital ingredients, provides accelerated metabolism, and is suitable for all types of small dog breeds.

By cons include:

  • artificial flavors and flavor enhancers in addictive composition;
  • low ratio of meat to vegetables;
  • instead of meat, offal is present in the feed.

Important! Do not forget that the dog always had access to drinking water. Ready-made feed for complete digestions require a lot of fluid.

Purina Van for Dogs

Pets love to ask for food from your table, even when not hungry


Many small dogs, despite their size, love to eat.

And if you give free rein, they are ready to eat everything that comes under the paw and will eat until burst.

  • Usually “brutal” appetite and greed for food are due to the fact that the stomach is small, and in ordinary foods there is insufficient amount of vitamins.
  • The portion of food for small breeds should be of small volume and contain as many valuable and nutritious substances as possible.
  • With the right approach to feeding, the pet will begin to receive everything valuable elements to the body that will eventually cease need them.
  • The appetite will return to normal, and the “eternal hunger” of a small dog will stop.

Purina Van for Dogs

Owners are happy with the price, and their pets like the taste of feed Purina Van

Purina Van has four types of dog food with different needs.

For each small dog, its owner can pick up food, corresponding to its “parameters”.

Each type of feed has its own characteristics. title.

Dry food comes in the form of small pellets and croquettes round shape.

They are quite soft, but can harden during long-term storage.

For the manufacture of canned food use beef, chicken, turkey or salmon.

All canned food is cooked with delicious gravy.

Already adult

Designed for dogs of small breeds that have already reached their first years of life, that is, adults.

Dogs have already fully formed and grown in a year, but not ceased to need to keep in shape further.

Carefully balanced nutrition “Already Adult”, designed to maintain the immunity and health of young small dogs rocks.

The composition includes chicken with carrots and beans or beef with peas and potatoes.

Purina Van for Dogs

“Fidget” series food older than a year


This type of food is intended for small dogs who too active.

These include such breeds as: Jack Russell terrier, wire-haired and Smooth Fox Terrier.

The inexhaustible energy of these cheerful animals needs regular recharging.

“Energizers” eat 2-3 times a day, with an appetite.

The ingredients for this species are selected so that the food is good assimilated.

The feed is enriched with animal and vegetable protein for development. muscles.

Contains enough carbohydrates to maintain activity – is it beef with potatoes and carrots or duck with green beans and pasta.

Purina Van for DogsFidget series feed for active pets

Food lover

An excellent choice for dogs with excellent appetite.

These include beggars from the master table and constantly overeating, food-hungry dogs of small breeds.

These include schipperke, kli kai and maltese lapdogs.

Purin Van food for lovers of food contains half less fat than other types.

This significantly reduces calorie intake, even with large the amount of food eaten.

Thus, food for food lovers can help addicted to the fullness of animals, without prejudice to appetite.

From the menu: turkey with carrots and peas or chicken with brown rice grains in tomato sauce.

Purina Van for Dogs

Food lover series food for furry gourmets


Salmon and rice food is designed for small dogs, digestive problems.

The stomachs of some dogs like Boston Terriers and papillons, it’s hard to digest a regular dog food.

Therefore, these animals often appear diarrhea.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in salmon meat help digest food inside the sensitive intestines, not causing him irritation.

In addition, dog food is considered very tasty and contains composed of natural prebiotics that positively affect digestion.

Purina Van for Dogs

Sensitive stomach dog food

Important! If stool disorders and your pet’s diarrhea lasts more than a week, consult with your veterinarian.


According to reviews of veterinarians, dry food and canned food Purina One is characterized by a balanced ratio of fat and protein.

With their help, normal muscle mass and immunity are maintained. animal.

Purina Van for Dogs

When doggies lack vitamins, they begin to look for them in his surroundings

Kira, Omsk: “They bought food for their dog with beef and potatoes and carrots. Our favorite lapdog Tilda we We believe that it is too active, and therefore this particular species was chosen. Food is well digested, the dog eats with appetite, feels excellent, and doesn’t seem to complain.

We plan to feed Purin Van and further, try to buy in next time the view is “Already adult,” because we have been almost a year. ”

Sergey, Kaliningrad: “I got a share in the supermarket and received two packages of feed for free. Usually I I order food for my favorite from Poland, and in Russia I take only those feeds in which I am sure. Van knew nothing about Purin before. AT in general, my dog ​​didn’t eat this food, he just sniffed it and walked away. AT the first time he refused wet food – usually this is not probably. my dog ​​is just spoiled by dear varieties that contain more meat. And judging by the composition, Purina Van contains it much less. Consequently, my Nathan doesn’t recommends this feed. ”

Alla, Seversk: “Recently, we have not very good with finances, as, indeed, with many now. Quite a few It took time to find the budget food for our Knopa. Dog I liked Purin for small breeds: she cast a spell taste, cracking food with the same pleasure as more expensive stern.”

Summary of reviews:

  • Judging by the reviews of breeders, most feed little dogs.
  • Dog owners see no reason not to give Purin food to their pets Wang.
  • Many, even finicky, small dogs enjoy eating canned food from this series.
  • It’s also convenient that this food, dogs of small breeds can eat without difficulty – they can cope with small pieces easier.
  • Owners also claim that dogs even define their favorite food from the picture on the package.

Purina Van for Dogs

Some breeders say their pet is very happy when he hears the rustling of the treasured packaging, when they returned from the store


Consequently, there is no reason to consider the food bad.

Those who buy it regularly advise everyone to switch to Purin.

In the practice of feeding dogs with Purin Van food, so far no There were no problems.

However, if you want to transfer the pet to a mixture of another manufacturer, it is worth checking out the feed rating for dogs.

Purina Van for Dogs

It’s easy to buy Purin Van food – it’s abundant on shelves almost all supermarkets and pet stores

It can also be ordered through online stores at any quantity.

Purina Van for Dogs: Economy Balanced Feed

Purin Van food has four types: dry, wet, granular, in small pieces. Reviews of veterinarians and owners dogs on inexpensive food for dogs of small breeds vary.

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