Purina Van for cats: Features of diets food for pets of different ages

Purina Van for Cats

Every purring pet owner tries to keep track of for his diet.

Like long-haired (Neva masquerade cat, Kurilian Bobtail, Turkish van) and shorthair cat breeds (toyger, american shorthair, thai and oriental) need a balanced nutrition.

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When choosing, they are guided not only by the reviews of veterinarians, but also on how the animal behaves after eating.

In particular, the choice of many hosts is Purin Van food for cats.


  • 1 Feed Overview
  • 2 Composition
  • 3 Pros and Cons
  • 4 Specifics
  • 5 reviews
  • 6 Conclusion

Feed Overview

More than a hundred years ago, the company began to produce feed for domestic cats.

An animal, for normal development and well-being, should receive a certain amount of nutrients and products.

It should be remembered that some representatives feline have their own specifics.

In particular, therefore, the manufacturer and manufacturer separately Purin Van for adult cats and Purin Van for sterilized cats.

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Purina Van for Cats

It looks like a small feed package

Purina Van – a series of products that appeared relatively recently.

Despite this, she already managed to get flattering reviews veterinarians and owners of various cat breeds.

In addition, you can buy it at all pet stores, and the price is quite available.

Purin Van food for cats is a dry diet that has been developed by the scientific center for domestic cats of different ages groups.

For example, the products of this series for kittens not only saturate the body with all the necessary useful components for growth and development of the animal, but also is more sparing for not fully formed body.

Important! Kittens and Adult Pets can not be fed the same diet. The young body is simply not will be able to absorb the “adult” food.

A distinctive feature of Purin Van food for cats is high protein content.

It is important for cats at any age, especially if the pet home.

The series includes the following types of feed:

  • for adult cats;
  • for domestic cats;
  • for kittens;
  • for pets over 11 years old;
  • for sterilized pets with beef or salmon;
  • for animals with a tendency to allergic reactions, as well as with troubled digestion;
  • for control of hair and formation of hair lumps.

Purina Van for Cats

Purina Van is great for long-haired breeds

You can buy food in packings of 0.2, 0.75 and 1.5 kg.


The Van series has been specifically designed to suitable for full saturation of domestic cats in all periods of life.

Manufacturers claim that in order to notice improvement, it is enough to feed the cat with suitable food for three weeks.

Moreover, she does not just improve or normalize internal processes.

The result will be visible externally: shiny coat, activity, playfulness.

Purina Van for Cats

Everything is like in the best restaurants

In addition to the optimal ratio of all necessary components, in Purin Van feed for cats uses a special formula Actilea, which is distinguished by the content of the following substances:

  • prebiotics: responsible for maintaining intestinal microflora in norm;
  • yeast: a natural source of vitamins and mineral elements, also beta gluten and protein;
  • antioxidants: responsible for neutralizing free radicals.

Purina Van for Cats


The composition of each feed in the line is unique.

For example, dry food ration for sterilized purin cats The van includes:

  • salmon – not less than 15%;
  • wheat – 15%;
  • corn gluten;
  • dry poultry protein;
  • animal fat;
  • yeast – 1%;
  • corn;
  • dry protein of fish;
  • soy flour;
  • dried beet pulp;
  • dried chicory root;
  • flavoring feed additive;
  • vitamins;
  • minerals.

In addition to the basic composition, the producer adds vitamin to the feed A, D, E, C, as well as taurine, iodine, manganese, iron, copper, zinc and selenium.

Advantages and disadvantages

To the main, to the positive sides of the purine line of purines Van relate:

  • compliance with all requirements for the production of pet food in different ages and with different characteristics;
  • food for cats prone to allergies, have in its composition hypoallergenic products;
  • the unpleasant odor from the cat tray is reduced;
  • the availability of rations for different ages, as well as for those cats that are sterilized;
  • You can buy not only pet stores, but also in ordinary supermarkets;
  • The price for the products of this line is available.

Purina Van for Cats

This is what I understand lunch …

But, the reviews of veterinarians and pet owners are not only positive. The negative sides include:

  • The presence of only dry food. Although the reviews of veterinarians I testify that pets need a wet type (canned, jelly, stew, etc.).
  • In fact, this is an economy class feed, which means that its composition is large part of chemical additives.


The specificity of the Purin Van line is not only in gradation in depending on individual physiological characteristics.

These feeds are suitable for both large Maine Coons and ragdolls and for the average Egyptian Mau and reed cats, as well as small Manchkin.

In addition, each diet is designed for a specific pet age.

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Purina Van for Cats

Proper nutrition is the key to a beautiful figure and good feeling well

Graduation by age:

  • From 30 days to 12 months – kitten food that supports the development of all necessary functions in the body, contributes to proper formation of bone and muscle apparatus and quickly assimilated.
  • From one year to 11 years, three products are suitable – for adult cats with beef, common for adult cats, for domestic cats, and food that prevents the formation of wool balls in the stomach. These diets help reduce the risk of calculus formation, prevent the appearance of diseases of the urinary system, strengthen bones and muscles.
  • From the age of 11, cats are recommended special feeds that are distinguished by special care for the health of the pet. In these feeds contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, which contribute to the maintenance of all vital processes in the body, normalize the work of the kidneys, as well as beneficial affect the skeletal system, making it stronger.

Purina Van for Cats

Owner, what is it? Eat your own vegetables!

Interesting fact! Manufacturer recommends giving food for cats from 11 years old (due to the large the amount of vitamins and beneficial components) to animals in the period pregnancy and after childbirth.

For adult cats, it is also possible to choose products that suitable if the pet is sterilized or has food an allergy.


When you open a pack of Purin Van food for cats, your favorite certainly come running to sniff a new treat.

And moreover, she will eat it with pleasure.

Purina Van for Cats

After a delicious dinner

Cat owners say that after the introduction of feed into the diet Purin, first of all, it is noted that the amount of wool lost significantly reduced.

Moreover, the coat becomes smoother and brilliant.

Therefore, for clippers and Furminators have to be taken less often.

Even the Persian, Somali and other breeds of long-haired cats, significant reduce hair loss during molting.

Digestion and stool normalization are also noted.

Others say that compared with veterinary with rulers, Purina Van is less useful.

In its composition, poor-quality and undesirable Components.

Here are a few customer reviews:

Alexandra, Moscow: “They tried to give Murziku Wan for domestic cats. In general, eats well: in a bowl nothing remains. If some say that by translating an animal on a dry ration, nothing else will be able to feed him – this is not true. Ours is still happy to eat homemade food (cereals, soups). ”

Maxim, St. Petersburg: “Our cat is constantly spewed wool. Changed the diet. They began to give a special against lumps from the One series. The result, of course, was not noticed right away. But if you compare the situation now and then, the difference is noticeable. Virtually no regurgitation is observed, and the hair itself has become smaller to climb. ”

Alice, Yekaterinburg: “The cat had a urolithic the disease and she sat mainly on an expensive line of feed. But it turned out that I had to leave, and the belly was left on old parents. When the supply of food ran out, they bought her Purin Van. It’s impossible to say that our Masya turned up her nose – she ate normally, but her condition worsened quickly enough. So if available disease doesn’t really help. ”


Purina Van for Cats

I ate, you can sleep … And then eat again!

In general, it is worth to cancel that in the feed segment economy class Purina Van is one of the leading places.

It is more or less balanced, reviews of veterinarians speak of general improvement in health status, but such a feed is unlikely can prevent the development of diseases.

Purina Van for cats: diet features

Purin Van food for cats is made by Purin’s company, which is one of the Nestle brands. According to both experts and most owners of Murka, this is the best choice from the segment “economy”.

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