Purina Pro Plan Cat Food: Quality pet food

Cat Food Pro Plan

One of the most popular foods in some feeds is feed. Purina Pro Plan for cats.

Gone are the days when cats were fed leftover food with human table.

Now the market provides a huge selection of animal feed on any wallet and designed for any purpose:

  • to maintain or lose weight,
  • for the treatment of certain diseases,
  • to increase activity,
  • for wool growth, etc.

A loving owner always wants to pamper his pet and chooses for him, all the best, and the first in the list of animal needs quality food is worth it.


  • 1 Feed Overview
  • 2 Composition
  • 3 Pros and Cons
    • 3.1 Pros
    • 3.2 Cons
  • 4 Specifics
  • 5 reviews
  • 6 Conclusion

Feed Overview

Before you buy food for your pet, you should know that high-quality nutrient mixture does not require you to take any action to saturate the diet with healthy foods.

It already contains everything your cat or cat needs, but provided that he is healthy and not recommended to him by a veterinarian additional additives.

If you choose this food, then at least one care about You’ve already taken off your pet’s health.

Pro Plan for cats is considered premium food, and its the veterinary line in general often refers to the super-premium class, that is, in its composition and action, it is many times superior conventional feed.

Cat Food Pro Plan

The purpose of the feed is different

But you need to be careful, because not all feed manufactured by Purina are top-notch food for your favorite.

Purina Cat Chow is economy-class food, and Purina ONE, although slightly better than the previous one, but also cannot claim a place among high quality feed.

Cat Food Pro Plan

Most feline owners choose a dry form of food, because that it’s profitable and more convenient than buying a lot of small ones wet food bags

Pro Plan dry food contains all the essential nutrients: vitamins, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, prebiotics.

Cat Food Pro Plan

The kitten needs to be fed with special food for kittens up to 8-9 months and only then transfer to adult cat food

It is made in accordance with the needs of cats of different ages.

There is food for kittens (less than one year old), for adults cats (from one to seven years old) and for cats older than seven years.

Read more about how to determine the age of the kitten articlehttps: //kot-pes.com/kak-opredelit-vozrast-kotyonka/

Also in the line is a wide variety of tastes: chicken, salmon, turkey and rabbit.

True, it is worth noting that this diversity will please sooner the owner, because these tastes are created using artificial additives and flavorings.

Advice! If you prefer dry feed, it is worth remembering that the animal needs to drink it a large amount of water, namely exceeding the amount consumed feed 2 times.

Cat Food Pro Plan

Aft is not worth saving, because you risk spoiling your health your favorite. Choose premium and super premium feeds

Many cat breeders say they don’t want to feed pet with dry food, because, in their opinion, it’s not very nicely.

For this reason, someone always feeds his cat with wet food, and someone from time to time spoils her with a bag with a meat-like food goulash.

Wet food Pro Plan, like dry, is divided by age and Meets all the requirements that the owners show him.

It also contains vitamins, trace elements and prebiotics, as well as, as the manufacturer claims, it is able to improve memory and vision pet, affect the silkiness of the coat, and also guarantee healthy growth and activity.

Cat Food Pro Plan

For sterilized pets, you must choose a special low protein food

A wide variety of flavors and shapes are something to be proud of. company.

The owner of the cat can choose from eighteen tastes: this is tuna, and salmon, and turkey, and rabbit, and chicken and more Attractive inscription on the label.

Is it worth recalling that all these tastes are more likely a marketing move rather than a delicacy for little money?

The manufacturer took care of sterilized pets, because they need special nutrition.

If you want to know more about cat sterilization, we recommend read articlehttps: //kot-pes.com/vse-samoe-vazhnoe-o-sterilizacii-koshek/

The main feature of Pro Plan Sterilised is its non-greasy structure that helps prevent overweight that very important, given the decline in activity of such cats.

Cat Food Pro Plan

Owners of long-haired breeds often report a decline in quality wool after prolonged use of Pro Plan feed

Advice! It’s important to immediately determine for yourself what you you will feed your sterilized animal, because it is undesirable mix factory feed and homemade food.


As an example, the complete composition of Pro Plan salmon feed:

  • Salmon (20%),
  • dry bird protein
  • rice
  • corn gluten
  • wheat gluten
  • corn, wheat fiber,
  • chicken liver,
  • egg powder,
  • minerals,
  • animal fat,
  • preservatives
  • flavoring feed additive,
  • yeast,
  • vitamins
  • fish fat,
  • antioxidants.

The food contains a lot of protein (40%), which is important for active and a healthy animal, but for castrated and sick cats this too.

In addition, this protein is of plant origin – it soy and corn gluten.

An experienced host knows that corn is one of the most undesirable plants for a cat, because it is almost always genetically modified, and in some animals it can cause allergies and provoke hair loss.

Brewer’s yeast can also lead to allergic reactions. also present in this feed.

Even if the package says “salmon” or “rabbit”, the basis is all will be equal to chicken meat.

An undoubted plus is that there is generally meat in the composition, but if carefully read the label, then you can see the “flour from offal of poultry. ”

This is a product of processing heads, paws and bones and will not please at all your pet’s stomach.

It is also worth thinking about such a component of this feed as animal fat, because the manufacturer does not explain what kind of fat is and to which animal he belongs.

The liver should also alert, because a lot In no case can cats eat liver.

The presence of rice among the ingredients can be considered a plus, because Of all the cereals, it is the most suitable for cats.

But if you finish the composition to the end, then you can easily find wheat flour, which in turn is serious an allergen.

Those owners who carefully monitor their health favorite, note vitamins, minerals and prebiotics.

A large amount of calcium will have beneficial effects on bones, and magnesium has a positive effect on the functioning of the kidneys.

Advantages and disadvantages

In order to make a decision, are you ready to invest in product that the manufacturer positions as feed premium, you need to identify all its positive and negative sides.


  • The presence of natural meat;
  • A large amount of protein;
  • Many tastes;
  • There is both wet and dry food;
  • Meets cat’s age-related needs;
  • The composition is saturated with vitamins, minerals and prebiotics.

Cat Food Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan contains few natural vegetables in which your pet really needs


  • In the composition there are products that can cause allergic reaction;
  • The lack of natural vegetables;
  • High price;
  • Protein of plant origin.


The feed has no specific instructions for any rocks.

But judging by the reviews of owners of long-haired cat breeds, such like persian, maine coon, Norwegian Forest, Neva masquerade, this food, after a certain time, can adversely affect pet hair.

Many owners note abundant loss, loss silkiness, reduced growth.

If your cat’s hair drops and bald spots form, recommend reading articlehttps: //kot-pes.com/u-kota-vipadaet-sherst/

But short-haired cats (Abyssinian, munchkin, scottish fold, American Shorthair and others) practically do not suffer from these problems associated with eating Pro Plan

You should choose from the variety of types and tastes of this food, based on the age of your pet, as well as its activity.

So, for domestic cats there is a special feed with reduced calorie House Cat, and for very active, for example, for Egyptian Mau and Cornish Rex – Active


Reviews about the Pro Plan feed are very mixed.

Some owners of cats recognize this food as the best of all that they had a chance to buy for their pets.

Others claim that it adversely affected the appearance and the health of their furry household.

Here are some reviews from cat owners:

Olga, Nizhnevartovsk: “We are not that way with our kitty have been sterilized for a long time and the question arose of choosing high-quality feed, eating which our Musya would not become twice as thick. Neighbor advised to pay attention to Pro Plan. The price of course bit. Before that I spent much less, but when I saw the effect of feed, I realized that this price is fully justified. At our darling, as they say, the eyes began to sparkle and the hair was so silky, and I finally stopped climbing. And the weight is normal! So everyone else in looking, I advise you to pay attention to this charm! ”

Alena, Simferopol: “Food me not that I was glad, but there were definitely no complaints against him for 2.5 years. During this time, my cat ate more than a dozen packages with the Pro Plan. I didn’t give any additional vitamins, but from complementary foods periodically bought wet food of this brand. The cat was pleased life, quite active, weight was normal, wool, too. 2 seconds later a small year, she began to notice wool all over the apartment, she literally clumped. And then, in general, problems began with stool, and sometimes even vomiting. I had to refuse feed. how just changed it to another, no less well-known brand, problems have stopped. There are suspicions that over time they began to save on composition and add frank garbage instead of normal products. I do not recommend it! ”

Oksana, Izhevsk: “We spent with my husband a small experiment: weekly fed the cat wet Pro Plan food to see whether he suits us or not. One bag costs about fifty rubles, and you need to give them a day at least three. Simple math tells us that about one and a half thousand flew away, and our kitty was hungry all week because she had her absolutely not digested. Not only that, according to the composition, the meat there only 4%, so they still vomited the cat every day. To be honest, we are in shocked! For such money, the manufacturer does not care about quality at all product. Draw your own conclusions! ”

Reviews of veterinarians suggest that this food is very individual and not suitable for every animal.

You should carefully monitor the reaction of your pet and in in case of possible ailments, contact a veterinary clinic and change feed.


So the Purina Pro Plan cat food is really can be attributed to premium feed, but with the caveat that its composition is not as clean as we would like for the money.

Try to feed your cat one or two weeks with this food, and after a veterinary examination.

If Pro Plan dry food suits your animal, feel free to buy it further.

If there are any digestive problems, then pay attention to the more expensive representatives of this segment.

Cat Food Pro Plan

Try to feed your pet with Pro Plan mixes for about two weeks, and then check with your veterinarian. If all is well, then feed suits you and you can continue to feed them a cat

Purina Pro Plan Cat Food: Quality Nutrition for pet

Purina Pro Plan’s range of feeds is made in accordance with cat needs, for example, for domestic cats there is a special House Cat low calorie food, and for very active – Active

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