Purina Dog Food Pro Plan: Ready premium food

Dog food Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan dog food – line pet products, which, as well as Grandorf mixtures, refers to premium feed.

For the production of this feed, good ingredients are taken. quality and it contains meat.


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Feed Overview

Purina Pro Plan Dog Food is a range of products from 19 different items with the most varied tastes for everyone species of breeds and puppies.

The manufacturer of the products is Purina, which is a part of a large Nestle corporation.

Dog food Pro Plan

A wide range of Purin Pro Plan products allows choose a mixture for the dog for every taste

Ready meals, according to the manufacturer, capable of:

  • reduce the risk of developing diseases;
  • maintain optimal weight;
  • normalize the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • reduce the load on the musculoskeletal system animal.

Pro Plan dry dog ​​food maintains optimal levels health and daily energizes the pet.

In the manufacture of the product, a balance of proteins and fats is maintained, what is needed to maintain normal muscle mass.

All Pro Plan feeds are conditionally divided into five categories:

  • for puppies;
  • for dogs of small breeds;
  • for dogs of medium breeds;
  • for dogs of large breeds (including fighting);
  • for elderly and sick animals.

More recently, a novelty from the French entered the market manufacturer — Pro Plan Duo Delice dog food suitable for all breeds.

The company also produces Purina Pro Plan therapeutic feed for dogs.

It is a separate series and is intended for following categories of animals:

  • susceptible to allergies;
  • obese
  • sterilized dogs;
  • castrates;
  • elderly animals.

They include all the necessary trace elements and vitamins, necessary for a sick or elderly pet.


The main ingredients of Pro Plan feed are chicken meat, lamb, salmon or beef, whose share in the product is from 14 to 17%.

But besides this, in the composition of dog food line Pro Plan The following main ingredients are included:

  • dry chicken protein;
  • corn and wheat;
  • animal fat;
  • beet;
  • enhancers of taste and aroma;
  • gluten and cornmeal;
  • fish fat;
  • mineral and vitamin supplements.

Chicken dry protein is obtained from the processing of chicken waste.

The nutritional value of such an ingredient is significantly lower than that of natural meat.

Wheat and maize are designed for more fast saturation of the animal.

They are considered an inexpensive source of carbohydrates that increase energy value of the product.

The presence of these components explains the lower price of feed, in comparison with analogues.

Animal fat is added to increase the nutritional value of the finished product.

Beetroot provides normal digestion and controls blood sugar level.

Taste enhancers make Purina Pro Plan dog food more attractive and cause appetite.

Flour and gluten are used in production to enhance energy value of the product.

Fish oil is a source of essential omega-3 fatty acids. and omega-6.

Trace elements and vitamins maintain optimal levels pet health.

Advantages and disadvantages

Purina Pro Plan dog food has the following benefits:

  • affordable price;
  • a wide range of;
  • there is a series of medicinal feeds;
  • in addition to dry food, there are spiders and canned food.

Purina’s product advantage is also accessibility.

It can be bought at a pet store or ordered at the internet.

The disadvantages of the Purina Pro Plan ready-made food line relate:

  • the presence of flavorings and flavor enhancers;
  • the entire product line has an identical composition;
  • a small amount of meat products.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer himself relates his products to super premium food, in fact, it is not due to the low meat content.


For large breeds

A series of feeds for dogs of large breeds include:

  • Medium Adult Sensetive;
  • Large Puppy Robust.

Such a diet is suitable for such large animals as Cane Corso, Tosa Inu, Kuvas and Newfoundland.

Dog food Pro Plan

Purina has a separate line of ready-made meals for large breeds

The main components of Medium Adult Sensetive are meat salmon (20%) and rice (11%).

It is considered a hypoallergenic and well-digestible product.

Large Puppy Robust consists of 14% chicken and 4% rice. Suitable for diet food.

For medium and small breeds

Purina Adult Small and Mini Digestive Comfort Turkey intended for feeding medium (basenji, English Cocker Spaniel, Russian Black Terrier) and small breeds (papillon, Piti Brabancon, Japanese Chin).

Suitable for animals with digestive problems system.

It contains 22% turkey and 7% rice.

Dog food Pro Plan

Also developed for feeding these categories of dogs Small&Mini Sensetive Derma с гипоаллергенным составом

It consists of 20% salmon meat and 10% rice.

Good for obese animals, like rabbit dachshunds.

Dog food Pro Plan

Purina has prepared small and medium-sized breeds separate treat

Purina Small&Mini Adult с курицей — еще один вариант дляsmall breeds of dogs.

Due to its low fat content (15%), it belongs to diet ready meals.

For all breeds

Dog food Pro Plan Duo Delice is intended for everyone species of rocks.

The new product, according to the manufacturer, has a high digestibility, thanks to carefully selected and balanced ingredients.

The main component of Duo Delice is meat (17%), providing the pet with the necessary amount of protein.

Dog food Pro Plan

Pro Plan Duo Delice – dry food for all breeds of dogs

An analysis of the composition of this feed gave the following indicators per 1 kg product:

  • 25% protein;
  • 16% fat;
  • 2% fiber;
  • 0.3% Omega-3;
  • 1.6% Omega-6.

Dog food Pro Plan

The feed contains crispy croquettes that provide gentle mechanical effects on teeth and prevent formation tartar

In soft pieces are proteins that are called normalize metabolism and energize the dog.

Cellulose contributes to normal digestion.

Dog food Pro Plan Duo Delice is represented by three flavors rulers:

  • with chicken;
  • with beef;
  • with salmon.

Before completely switching to this feed, the manufacturer recommends gradually introducing it into the diet over the course of a week.

The novelty, which appeared recently on the Russian market, has already managed get good reviews.

For puppies

Purina offers the following line for young animals products:

  • Purina Small&Mini Puppy;
  • Medium Puppy Sensetive;
  • Puppy Large Brid Athletic.

For puppies of small breeds like dachshund babies or french bulldog is well established Purina Small&Mini Puppy.

It consists of 18% chicken meat, 4% of rice.

Dog food Pro Plan

Помимо основных ингредиентов, в Purina Small&Mini Puppyincludes fish oil and colostrum.

Medium Puppy Sensetive is suitable for medium breeds and is hypoallergenic option, due to the content of chicory and soy oils that have beneficial effects on skin health and wool.

Dog food Pro Plan

Purina has developed a special line of feeds for puppies

Puppy Large Brid Athletic, which includes lamb, rice, egg white and colostrum, designed for large species of breeds.


Purina Pro Plan dog food received from pet owners animals following reviews:

Ksenia, Moscow: “My toychik is five years old. doggie is a very sensitive digestion and therefore I could not choose the right food. Friends advised to try Proplan. After the pet’s allergy went away and sparkled wool. ”

Maria, Saratov: “ProPlan advised us veterinarian, saying that this is a good feed, which many the owners of their pets. I give his dog only occasionally, as promotion, eats it on both cheeks. But basically I prefer to feed animal “natural”.

Angelika, Samara: “I have a York breed dog. Before choosing her food, I read a lot of reviews on forums. ProPlan received more positive comments in their category, so they chose him. The dog eats it with pleasure, feels good and cheerfully. ”


Purina Pro Plan dog food is more suitable for such breeds, like a pug, a boston terrier, griffon, sheltie.

They do not require intensive loads, which means that they are ideal a low protein diet is suitable.

Dog food Pro Plan

Pro Plan has a good nutritional composition animal needs

Purina’s Ready Meal has a range of ingredients, which can satisfy the nutritional needs of the animal.

However, it does not contain enough meat, so it may not suitable for active breeds of dogs involved agility, or in need of constant and intense physical exertion.

Purina Dog Food Pro Plan: Ready Meals premium class

Purina Pro Plan dog food – a line of food products, which refers to premium feeds. Has many positive reviews.

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