Puppy, miraculously surviving in a landfill, called Belyash

A tiny puppy in Vologda was thrown into the trash for certain death. The kid was found and adopted by the employees of the waste sorting station, and soon a name and a master were found for him.

White fluffy puppy not only survived, but also became Vologda a celebrity. One of the workers accidentally looked into a cardboard a box moving along a conveyor belt among municipal waste – not more than half a meter was left before the press. In the box was a puppy – very small, weak, but alive. They took care of the rescued the whole gang.

Upon learning what happened, Vologda residents through social networks began to actively offer names for lucky. A city competition for best nickname – the puppy savior chose the funny name Belyash.

Puppy Belyash

Belyash still lives here, in a landfill, in a comfortable booth, which the workers built for him. And the other day the puppy will move to new home – it will certainly bring good luck to its owner.

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