Pupils from orphanages visited a shelter for animals

In the center for animals “Yuna” (Podolsk city) on the territory of 2.5 ha contains more than 140 wards, including cats and dogs. For children from social type orphanages it is very important to learn take care and be responsible, so the organizers decided to bring pupils on an excursion to the shelter. And hold this action theater and film actor Alexander Sokolovsky helped.

Cattery “Yuna” – this is the only institution in Russia such scale. Dogs and cats with different fates come to the Center, but All animals are provided with timely assistance. Today’s employees About 300 tetrapods were attached to the shelter.

Children fed animals, looked after them, held them in their arms and stroked. According to the Deputy Minister of Education of the Moscow Region Lyudmila Ovechkina, it is possible that in the future already adult children will be able build such shelters or just help the homeless to animals.

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