Protecting their offspring, seals attacked fisherman

According to the Associated Press, Coastal protection from Scotland had to remove the fisherman from the cliff, which drove there local seals.

Walking along the beach, a fisherman came across a gray rookery seals. Seeing a man, some of the individuals began to behave weird. They are agitated and aggressive. headed towards the approaching fisherman. Nothing it remained how quickly to escape from them.

Fueled by fear, a man was able to climb a ledge of a rock. BUT when he was unable to climb to the top, he realized that he was stuck. The presence of a fisherman’s phone allowed him to call the service salvation.

Coast Guard staff arrived at the scene in twenty minutes. The included person helped them find a trapped person. headlamp on the head of a fisherman. The operation itself took more than two hours. Thanks to the waterproof suit, the man is not cold.

Having taken the fisherman from the cliff, rescuers put him in a boat and drove him in hospital. There, a man was treated for slight frostbite and colds.

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