Promotion: give a gift to shelter animals

Since the beginning of August, the network of pet shops “Four Paws” has been conducting its traditional charity event # Dobrolap. Within a month everyone can help homeless animals, not by word, but by deed, located in shelters.

A gift can be purchased both in person at one of the stores, or ordering it online is a snap. Choosing a purchase and putting it in the basket is enough among the methods of delivery of goods select the item “Delivery to the shelter”; and in the retail store – more simpler: you just need to tell the cashier about your intention. The Four Paws company guarantees: all your gifts quickly get to the address.

Cats and dogs with a difficult fate come in handy all that you choose: food and sweets, trays and fillers for them, bedding and diapers, ammunition.

All participants of the action will receive a souvenir in memory of her – collection magnet with the inscription # Dobrolap, as well as buy goods in chain stores with a substantial discount – up to 30 percent.

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