Pregnant cows in Magadan will be transferred to crab menu

The new development of the Magadan Research Institute of Agriculture should increase the birth rate and milk yield of local cows. It is proposed to add in the diet of burenok waste crab production and abundantly Lichens growing in the region.

The difficult climatic conditions of the Far East adversely affect on livestock productivity. Cattle stock sick due to lack of heat and sun, vitamins and minerals. it negatively affects milk yield of cows, quantity and quality their offspring.

Pregnant Cow

A cow in an interesting position should eat right

Scientists have found an original and inexpensive way out provisions. Pregnant and dairy cows will be offered unconventional menu enriched with local bio-raw materials, which earlier was not used.

We are talking primarily about the shells of crab, consisting not only of chitin, but also from proteins, because inside the shell box remain internal organs (heart, liver, etc.) – and all this in huge quantities are simply taken to landfill. Also from large the diversity of local lichens selected two common species, rich in unique acids and starch, other valuable substances: Icelandic cetraria and alpine cladonia.

The cow is eating

Exotic additives benefit the cows

The experimental group of cows has already been transferred to food in a new way: they were given 30 g of lichens and 150 g of ground crab products daily. The use of even such modest doses useful additives gave convincing results: in experimental blood formula and reproductive functions improved, and milk has become tastier and fatter.

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