Popped out of nowhere: driver in Thailand crashed into an elephant and died

The incident occurred in Thailand. A man crashed into a rolling elephant’s road and died on the spot. It is reported by The Nation.

According to the data provided, accident involving a wild animal happened on the night of November 29, 200 km from the capital.

The road that a Bangkok resident traveled through Khao Yai National Park. Rescuers who arrived at the place found badly damaged car. Get the 58-year-old out of the car the man succeeded only with the help of special equipment.

58-year-old driver found dead in a disassembled car


At the scene of a collision between a pickup driver and an animal footprints of an elephant leaving deep into the forest. It is noted that any no other objects were found on or near the road.

For local rangers now a serious challenge has appeared – find an elephant, as it can also have serious injuries.

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