Pokemon enrolled in Australia clinic Pikachu

At a veterinary clinic in eastern Melbourne, veterinarians took unusual patient. It turned out to be an opossum with yellow wool, which very reminiscent of the famous hero of Japanese anime.

As it turned out, the rare color of the animal was caused by a mutation. Pigment the melanin responsible for the color of the coat, in this case, had a very low rate. Because of this, the possum’s fur turned golden color.

The Australians got their own Pikachu

Source: 360tv.ru

According to veterinarians, Pikachu cannot survive in the wild, as its bright coloring will be a target for predators. So far he is in the clinic and pleases with his likeness all Japanese fans animated films.

Most likely, the animal fell from the back of the mother. According to assumptions he is about five months old.

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