Pheasants appeared in Gatchina: once upon a time the museum began

Three pheasants settled in the aviaries of the Gatchina Museum-Reserve. This is a gift from local farmers from the village of Pedlino.

The event, at first glance, is not too significant, in fact in fact, it is deeply symbolic. It is from pheasants – from the mortgaged Count Orlov small pheasant park and the story began Museum Reserve. Beautiful birds were brought here from Britain and Czech Republic, and they walked freely throughout the reserve.

Pheasants in Gatchina have not died since the time of Peter the Great, and only now traditions are beginning to revive. New museum settlers – three types of males: hunting, Hungarian and royal. Chickens so far decided not to start, because there were no knightly fights. Soon in the reserve should appear and peacocks.

Pheasants in the aviary

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