People helped the python get out of the well: video

In India, volunteers saved the python. The snake fell into the well and could not get out on your own from there.

Residents of a small village in Rajasthan, India, turned to Animal Welfare Society with unusual news. People reported that in the village well sits a python. Environmentalists realized that the snake needed save, because she could not get out herself. In addition, there was danger that villagers will harm reptiles out of fear.

As it turned out, the python is located on a branch sticking out of the wall well. Hook a branch and pull it out with the animal does not it turned out – the snake fell to the bottom. Then the volunteer Govind Solanki boldly went down the rope, grabbed the reptile and went up. The operation took a matter of minutes, and the python was calm “Perhaps he realized that man is saving his life.”

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