People abandoned the dog, but he continues to wait and love: video

The story, unfortunately, is not new. The owners had to hurry move from the village to a new place of residence, and the dog that served them faithfully, they just threw it away like unnecessary trash.

In social networks, this dog was already nicknamed Astrakhan Hachiko – in honor of the hero of the famous Japanese film. Okay big “German” lives on the ashes of his house in the village of Red Barricades of the Astrakhan region – he is waiting for the return of the owners.

German Shepherd

The fire destroyed to the ground both the dwelling and the outbuildings. People were where leave, and they decided not to restore their former life from firebrand. And in a new life, a faithful dog was unnecessary. Kind the owners wanted to shoot him, so as not to suffer, but the villagers mountain defended, not allowed.

They tried to pick up, but the dog returns to guard what Remained from the master’s house. Neighbors feed the shepherd and look for her new owners – away from this sad place.

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