Penguins die out in Antarctica, but they can still be save

Scientists have made disappointing conclusions: in some Antarctic colonies do not survive up to 80% of penguin cubs. Reason first First of all, a reduction in the amount of food crustaceans.

In nature, everything is interconnected. Therefore, intensive catch of crustacean krill, which is also eaten by humans, affects birds. It makes up the main diet of several species of penguins living in Antarctica. These birds consume about 20 tons of krill annually. AT lately its population has declined sharply, in some areas by 80 percent.


Krill feed on, for example, Adelie penguins, golden-haired, Antarctic, crested, imperial

Penguins can still be saved if mass extermination is stopped crustacean. Antarctic and Southern Ocean Conservation Coalition Offers establish the boundaries of the territories in which fishing will be prohibited. Environmental monitoring in region.


Krill (from the Netherlands. Kriel, trifle) – the collective name of small commercial planktonic crustaceans (10–65 mm)

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