Paleontology news: a study was conducted jawborealestesserendipitus

Paleontologists are currently making less and less new finds. Therefore, special attention is paid to research already fossils found to more accurately reproduce the creatures that lived many millions of years before us.

The jaw of a creature called Borealestes serendipitus was discovered about 40 years ago on the Scottish island of Skye. Find identified Borealestes as a mouse-like beast who lived more 165 million years ago, in the Jurassic period.

In our time, the latest research has been carried out, giving interesting results. According to paleontologist Elsa Panchiroli and her colleagues, the shape of the animal’s teeth is different from other small ones mammals of that time.

Jaw Borealestes

Borealestes jaw about 1 cm long

In a new study published in the journal Paleontology vertebrates, the first detailed electronic scanning a fragment of the skeleton. This jaw found in the south of Skye was the first of the found fossils of the beast.

Miss Panchiroli told the Air Force Radio Scotland: “Borealestes serendipitus may not sound very attractive, but actually in fact it is a thoughtful and beautiful name. It means “northern a tramp found by chance. “Also, the paleontologist noted that Sky is a real treasury for scientists, since it is full fossils of mammals and dinosaurs. But few people know about this one.

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