Otters have witnessed the birth of a new families

An interesting case of marriage proposal occurred in Singapore. Local otters came to look at future newlyweds. This was reported by the BBC channel.

Jordan Doyle did not dare to make an offer to his girlfriend. He had long since acquired a ring, but still no suitable case It was.

Inviting her girlfriend Mary Lister to the city park and hiring animal photographer supposedly for a family photo shoot, young man takes courage and makes an offer.

The pair settled near the pond, and at the crucial moment Jordan stands on his right knee and pulls out a ring. And to them out of the water otters emerge and are located nearby. A flock of otters stared in amazement to an immobilized bride who was afraid to frighten off the curious animals.

When curiosity takes over


Photographer Bernard often photographs animals, but this time his I was surprised how fearless the otters were.

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