On the Web, video with the most scary cat

The cat is considered the most ugly and gloomy animal in social networks nicknamed Wilfred breed Persian chinchilla.

This unattractive, at first glance, cat lives with his Mistress Jenna is in London and he is quite happy.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Jenna said she had never before wound up pets and, moreover, absolutely did not want to. But when a girl saw a sale ad on the Internet tousled kitten, then could not resist his with expressive eyes.

The owner of Wilfred claims that her cat is the most charming on the light. He is friendly, affectionate and kind. The girl is already used to and doesn’t mind that her “charm” is compared with various creatures and movie heroes. Here, for example, someone posted Wilfred’s parody of actor Steve Buscemi from the movie Silence lambs. ”

scary cat and Steve Buscemi

Source: www.kaliningrad.kp.ru

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