On an abandoned farm, ecologists found two inseparable friends – donkey and ostrich

Environmentalists at a abandoned farm in South Carolina found animals left by man. Among them was a couple ostriches and a donkey that were inseparable all the time, even during sleep

According to environmentalist Jennifer Gordon, most likely these animals and used to live together. Today they are looking for permanent owners or guardians, but it is desirable that friends are not separated.


The donkey was named Diana, and the donkey was named Jack. The bosom friends already There is a Facebook page. There is such information: when on people arrived at the abandoned farm and tried to share the ostrich and donkey, they began to shout and attack. Volunteers are looking for new hosts for an inseparable couple.

According to scientists, between animals full friendship is not it happens. An example of this is the story of the friendship of a goat and a tiger from seaside zoo. Recall that a goat named Timur bit his “buddy” is the tiger Cupid. Animals have long lived in one Aviary, although initially the goat was sent to be eaten by a predator.

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