Not guilty: in Britain the puppy was acquitted and released

More than a thousand people have signed a petition to protect the Chow Chow puppy nicknamed Bangley. The British were extremely outraged by the decision of the policeman to plant an innocent dog “behind bars”.

Residents of the country unanimously reiterated that the police did cruel to a dog. Under the pressure of citizens, he took off accusations from the four-legged.

If not for the protests of people indifferent to the fate of Bangley, then the outcome of this story could be different and the chow chow went to jail for delinquent animals for a full nine months. As the main argument citizens led a difficult period of adaptation animal after a long imprisonment.

Recall that the dog received such a severe punishment for the fact that bit the law enforcement officer when he tried to pull him out out of the car.

To date, police have let go of a four-month home puppy to its owners.

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