Northern whales are dying out: statement by environmentalists

Some of the rarest whales are northern smooth ones. According to scientists, they may soon disappear altogether.

In recent months, 8 out of 411 living representatives have been killed. kind of. This became known from a news agency. CBS News. At the same time, biologists note that approximately half of the deaths, therefore it is impossible to accurately assess the loss. Known deaths of northern smooth whales are being investigated. Until found out the causes of three out of eight – animals got fatal injuries due to collisions with ships.


West Atlantic northern smooth whales live in summer at coast of New England, and in winter are found in the Gulf of Mexico to west of florida in the eastern atlantic ocean this species completely exterminated

The number of northern smooth whales has been declining since 2010. Already less than a hundred females left to breed. If the trend continues, the species will finally die out in the next 20 years. The main reason for this, according to researchers – human activity. To save the northern smooth whales, people need to change behavior: restrict use fishing gear and ship speed in habitat animals.

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