Noah’s Ark leaks animals

In Ryazan, llamas and a young goat run through the streets. These animals are already seen near a shopping center in the city center. They fled from Noah’s Ark Zoo due to poor maintenance.

The notoriety of the Noah’s Ark (a mobile zoo) has long been walks on social networks. Users discuss how much exhausted and groomed animals in zoos, unsanitary conditions and inhuman treatment of menagerie pets.

This is not the first time that animals leave the zoo due to staff negligence. Now in the city there is a forty-degree heat. In such a climatic anomaly, even people feel bad. BUT animals on hot noon even forget to pour water. Besides cages in which animals are kept are in the sun, they are cramped, hot, they do not clean. So say about the mobile zoo visitors discussing a sad sight on social networks.

Someone of their volunteers – animal rights advocates – shot on phone and put on the Internet photos and videos of how they contain animals. The prosecutor’s office has already become interested in this fact. AT soon, Noah’s Ark in Ryazan awaiting verification by SES, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies.

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