No, I didn’t imagine: the reindeer dragged along the city of his trainer

A contact zoo came to the city of Nazarovo. One of trainers decided to walk the reindeer in his usual environment. The animal was so happy with the snow that it jumped from all hooves galloping through the snowdrifts.

If this happened somewhere beyond the Arctic Circle, local residents would hardly be surprised at something. And here, in broad daylight along the street 30th anniversary of the Komsomol in Nazarovo a real deer with branching horns galloped down the sidewalk, scaring passers-by.

Behind him, his companion dragged on his stomach, which later remained behind due to a torn rope. According to some assumptions, a man could slip and scare with his sharp movement an animal, or simply a deer is not used to strangers and strangers sounds.

The trainer later caught the beast and took him back to zoo.

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