Night hunter: Cat food from domestic manufacturers

Night hunter cat food

Night hunter – cat food from domestic manufacturers, which has the most useful composition and positive reviews veterinarians.

Night hunter cat food

Poop Night hunter never happens much


  • 1 Feed Overview
  • 2 Composition
  • 3 Pros and Cons
    • 3.1 Positive aspects
    • 3.2 Disadvantages
  • 4 Specifics
  • 5 reviews
  • 6 Conclusion

Feed Overview

Night hunter – cat food, consisting of natural ingredients provided dry and wet.

The feed is inexpensive, high-quality, domestic analogue of the expensive imported food like Eukanuba for furry pets.

LLC “ProdKontraktInvest” – a domestic company in the production of feed for cats.

It has a wide range of variety of tastes, and has already managed to positively recommend and become a favorite among low-cost price segment.

The composition of the product includes only high-quality and natural components that guarantee the health of pets.

All recipes are developed by experts and balanced as much as possible. The company is constantly pleased with new tastes.

Nutrition is a very important part in the life and health of a cat.

From the right menu depends on how the animal will look and to feel.

If the cat does not eat properly, then for already two years she has a whole bunch of diseases and problems develops.

The pet should receive a full complex of vitamins and minerals that are not always found in those products that cat agrees to eat.

For example, it’s difficult to make a pet bite a carrot or cabbage.

Also in the diet of a cat you do not include corn or flax seed, which rich in vital omega acids.

In this regard, manufacturers made sure that in one feed useful components combined with a pleasant taste for the animal.

Night hunter cat food

The composition of the feed is completely natural, without flavoring and dyes


Night hunter cat food presents a large selection tastes:

  • Lamb.
  • Chick.
  • Seafood Cocktail.
  • Beef.
  • Fish.
  • Turkey.
  • Rabbit.
  • Heart.
  • Liver.

Nutrient mixtures with such flavors will be a great treat for favorite.

The composition of the feed includes the following components:

  • Natural, fresh meat, poultry, fish.
  • Meat, fishmeal, chicken fat.
  • Corn, yeast, rice.
  • Dried egg.
  • Folic Acid, Potassium, Cobalt, Calcium, Manganese, Zinc, copper.
  • Antioxidants.
  • Flaxseeds.
  • Taurine.
  • Dried beet pulp.
  • Vitamin complex, nicotinic acid, thiamine, biotin.

Balanced dry and wet food in its composition has all the vital components.

Important! Night hunter feed manufacturers cats were consulted by specialists of GNU VNII meat industry named after V.M.Gorbatov, and he is approved by positive reviews Veterinary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

The composition of the feed is completely absent:

  • Dyes.
  • Plant proteins.
  • Amplifiers of taste.
  • Gluten.
  • Soya.

Night hunter cat food

Food helps kittens develop properly and extend their life older cats

Advantages and disadvantages

Positive sides

The main advantages of the Night Cat Hunter food are: include:

  • The feed contains more than 50% protein, which is positive affects the development of muscle of the pet.
  • Proper components and nutritional balance help normalize digestion of an animal, relieve it of constipation, do not provoke occurrence of a stone on the teeth, well affect the work of the urogenital systems, especially castrated cats.
  • The tightness of the packaging ensures that the feed is able to be stored long time without antibiotics.
  • In elderly pets, this food does not cause disease of cardio-vascular system.
  • There are no harmful unnatural additives with chemical composition.
  • A wide range that allows you to make a choice for any cats, regardless of age, breed and health status.
  • Low cost, which the owners really like.


The disadvantages of feed include:

  • A large amount of whole grain cereals can cause an allergic reaction, in this regard, the feed should be introduced into the diet gradually.
  • 50% protein is not enough for a full daily norm, it should be at least 80%.
  • Inconvenient tin to open special device.

Night hunter cat food

The night hunter is universal for all cat breeds.


The uniqueness of cat food Night hunter, in that he universal and can be introduced into the diet of almost all cats, including neutered, pregnant and animals after childbirth.

The manufacturer has provided two types of feed:

  1. Dry.
  2. Wet.

The menu that you are ready to offer your pet should completely depend on his age and health.

About how to determine how old a cat is by human standards, will tell articlehttps: //

For example, for older cats, best apply wet food, which will help fill the lack of fluid in the body of the pet.

This type of food is easier to digest creates discomfort for cats with problem teeth.

Wet food:

  • The following types are best suited for the younger generation. feed: chicken, lamb, rabbit, veal, beef.
  • For adult pets: lamb, tuna, chicken, heart, salmon.
  • For representatives over seven years old: salmon, lamb, heart, tuna, chicken.

Dry cat food Night hunter:

  • For kittens. The composition of the feed includes important minerals, vitamins for development and growth of the young generation. Also in this category of nutrition You can find the following components: chicken, meat, fish meal, liver extract, egg powder. Suitable even for babies Maine Coon.

How to determine the age of the kitten will tell articlehttps: //

  • For adult cats. This food is suitable for animals under seven years. It consists of: seafood flour, meat, chicken fat, antioxidants. And minerals important for health, activity and vitamins.
  • For cats over 7 years old. In this case, it’s best to feed a little soak, it will be easier for an aging animal to chew food. The composition of the feed includes: various cereals, liver extract, meat and chicken flour, yeast, fish oil. Food is also enriched. very important antioxidants for the health of older cats, minerals and vitamins. Dry cat food Night hunter categories older than 7 years are designed so as not to provoke cardiovascular diseases.

Night hunter, this is food for cats of the following breeds:

  • Nibelung.
  • Chinchilla.
  • Burmese.
  • British
  • Persian.
  • Exot.
  • Angora.
  • Turkish van.
  • And other breeds, including the usual yard.

Responses of veterinarians are that the Night Hunter feed, it is an economy food that is great even for very picky breeds.

Important! Night hunter may be contraindicated animals prone to allergies due to high content cereals.

The brand Night Hunter is also produced for different breeds. dogs and has proven itself among breeders.

Night hunter cat food

The food helps to get all the useful minerals and vitamins


Andrey, Kirov: “Our cat is Baron personality quite spoiled, and therefore difficult to please him. Feed for we choose it not only by price, but also by composition. Recently in our Night hunter cat food appeared in stores and we decided to try, especially since I really liked the price. Sure, initially expected a negative reaction from our favorite, but everything went well in a completely different way, he would gladly gobble up a new feed for him and even asked for supplements. Now we take this food often and combine it with more expensive food. Cat likes and we save. ”

Alla, Ryazan: “We love our musya very much, but also savings we remember. Recently decided to buy Night Cat food hunter after reading positive reviews veterinarians. For its price segment, feed was on decent surprise, and Musya eats it with pleasure. She used to often tormented by constipation, now there are no such health problems notice. ”

Karina, Kazan: “Reviews of veterinarians who positively characterized cat food Night hunter, made me buy it. He did not cause much enthusiasm in us, but the feed is good enough for its price, it has a large assortment tastes and a good composition. I buy it periodically and alternate with dear. ”

Oleg, Tolyatti: “Cat food Night hunter we accidentally got a free promotion. Ever since take it. Our Barsik eats it with pleasure, fine after it goes to the toilet and feels completely healthy and happy. ”

Night hunter cat food

Good digestion has a positive effect on appearance


A pet is not only a funny animal pleasing of their owners, but also a living creature that needs to be fed, educate and cherish.

Besides choosing the right toilet, scratching post, place to sleep, very It is important to pay attention to what the cat eats.

It depends on her mood, health and overall well-being.

The night hunter is the cat food that will become the optimal choice of diet, and will not harm the animal, without hitting the family budget.

The food is well balanced and completely natural, which confirm reviews of veterinarians.

Night hunter: Cat food from domestic manufacturers

Night hunter – food for cats of the middle price segment, and characterized by good quality. This is a worthy analogue. imported diets for cats.

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