Nicknames for dogs of boys: how to choose?

Do not choose nicknames for boys' dogs in advance, until you have chosen an animal and brought home. Your dog may not be a Watch at all, but a Bagel.

Guess which question haunts the future most to the dog owner?

Everything is very simple – this is the choice of a name for your pet, and the choice this is often difficult.

Nicknames of dogs of boys popular may not be necessary for the owner soul, and too elegant names may not please the dog itself, especially if it’s a fighting dog like Tosa Inu or Amstaffa.

The paradox is easily solved if the breeder knows simple regulations.

It’s hard to resist not to call such a cute baby a pet name. But from the point of view of upbringing, this is not right. A dog should hear its full name from childhood

It’s hard to resist not to name such a cute baby diminutive name. But in terms of education, it is not right. Since childhood, a dog should hear its full name


  • 1 When to start choosing a nickname
  • 2 Nickname – the main team
  • 3 Meaning of nicknames
  • 4 Choice of nicknames depending on the breed

When to start choosing a nickname

Do not give the puppy a name in advance, until you have chosen the animal did not bring home.

Imagine you decide to name a puppy Dozor or maybe Count, go to the nursery, choose a friend to your liking and bring him home, and he turns out to be no Earl and, moreover, not a Watch, and poured Bagel.

In other words, when choosing the wrong name you will feel constant discomfort that will affect your relationship with the dog.

Therefore, before giving a name to a faithful friend, look at his face, feel his character, watch behavior.

Before giving a name to a faithful friend, look at his face, feel his character, observe the behavior

Before you give a name to a faithful friend, look at him face, feel his character, watch behavior

Someday a puppy will grow up

Many dog ​​breeders make a big mistake when called a small puppy is a diminutively affectionate name.

Let’s not argue, in front of a tiny fluffy face it is difficult resist, how not to call this face Kid, Ottoman or Pug.

But speaking of large dogs like alabai, caucasian shepherd dog, dogue de bordeaux or beauceron, then, think for yourself, Pug after all someday grows up.

About the largest dogs in the world will tell articlehttps: //

Choose a name for “growth”, then you will avoid such problems, an exception is nicknames for small dogs of boys, these puppies, even when they grow up, will remain tiny and cute.

These kids include papillons, pugs, schipperke, Pomeranian and many other breeds dogs.

- He said Pixel? Yes, it's me! Master, I'm running to you!

– He said Pixel? Yes, it’s me! Boss, I’m running to you!

Nickname – the main team

Many world-famous psychologists claim that the most a pleasant sound for a person is the pronunciation of his name.

With dogs, the situation is somewhat different. For the four-legged beast nickname is the main team.

When the owner gives the beast an order, it is often preceded by it appeal, for example: “Baikal, to the foot!”, “Chestnut, sit!”, “Rex, phew! ”

It follows that the dog’s nickname should be chosen, given the convenience of its pronunciation.

Try to command: “Impresario, come to me!”. Sounds ridiculous truth? The dog is unlikely to take such a long name as teams.

Of course you can come up with an extra and simpler name option (preferably for dogs participating in shows), but it’s better to immediately accustom the puppy to his nickname.

You can read about how to train dogs correctly. here: https: //

When choosing nicknames for dogs for boys, you need to remember that each of them has its own meaning

When choosing nicknames for boys’ dogs, you need to remember that each of them matters

Click Value

It is well known that each name has its own meaning.

Growing up, a person acquires many traits for his character, which are inherent in his name.

Have a special meaning and nicknames of dogs.

It will depend on how you name your pet, it will become whether he is a simple-minded or proud, courageous defender or friend with open soul.

Below we have presented a list of popular and original nicknames and their value:

  • Archie. Archie is amorous and very trusting, strongly attached to people, although it is stubborn, yet love for man takes in his nature. The name is suitable for small dogs. breeds, large dogs can be given the name Archibald.
  • Haggai. From the ancient Greek language the name translates as “having fun”, “festive”. Dogs with such nickname grow active and energetic, fast, respectable, and, most importantly, good. Nickname suitable for small dogs: Japanese Chin, Pekingese, bird-brabancon, little poodle, Wolfspitz.
  • Barkhan. Dune is a cluster loose sand, the name determines the complex nature of the dog, therefore giving such a nickname is recommended only to dogs with certain duties: security, watchman. Dunes are stubborn, show love only to the owner, the rest are treated with aggression, they can bite any dog. Possess lightning fast and beautiful sense of smell.

If you are interested in learning about the most stubborn dog breeds, We recommend that you familiarize yourself with articlehttps: //

Natural Dune, nickname Lucky will not suit him.

Natural Dune, nickname Lucky will not suit him

  • Harry. The name comes from the phrase “rich house”, dogs with such a nickname are strong and have a direct character. They are calm and slightly thoughtful, but comprehensively gifted.
  • Icarus. In Greek mythology, Icarus represent the son of an outstanding artist, once he flew from captivity on the wings that his father made for him. Icarus is strong and hardy dogs, executive and easily trained, recognizing only their master. You need to give such a nickname large to dogs.
  • Lucky. Lucky name from English “lucky”. A friendly dog ​​will please the owner and his family, bringing happiness and good fortune to the house. Nickname preferable little dogs.
  • Ulan. Energetic, bold and strong a dog in which the love of freedom is harmoniously combined with faith in people. With Ulan easy and comfortable, the dog is easy to learn and not shows causeless aggression. Nickname suitable for large dogs.
  • Charles. Dogs nicknamed Charles grow up courageous animals with a solid and measured character, these are real gentlemen, not capable of betrayal.


Labrador is ideal nickname Charles

Choice of nickname depending on breed

Of course, when choosing a name, the breed of the dog is of great importance, for example, nicknames for dogs of shepherd boys are unlikely chow chow or sharpei.

Let’s look at the most sonorous names for dogs of one or another breed.

Nicknames for dogs of German boys shepherd dog:

  • A-G. Diamond, Argo, Askar, Avar, Baron, Brix, Black, Hook, Bento, Bright, Storm, Bim, Buran, Varangian, Knight, Leader, Valdai, Grant, Garnet, Count, Thunder, Hercules.
  • DZ Jack, Watch, Dick, Dave, Damon, Danube, Ding, Dingo, Yenisei, Yersan, Yesaul, Eli, Zhadar, Zhora, Georges, Beetle, Jacques, Zeus, Zador, Zephyr, Capture, Zahar.
  • THEM. Icarus, Irtysh, Indigo, Figs, Raisins, Irbis, Irwin, Kai, Carat, Kazbek, Caucasus, Cowboy, Kim, Lloyd, Estuary, Fierce, Lint, Lion, Lyon, Mars, Matvey, Mura, Muscat, Monsoon, Mukhtar.

The most common nickname for a German shepherd is Mukhtar

The most common nickname for German Shepherds is Mukhtar

  • NR Nabat, Plaque, Nectar, Norton, Oscar, Otis, Fire, Opal, Eagle, Prince, Pegasus, Pirate, Surf, Punch, Rex, Ralph, Rhine, Richard, Robbery, Remus, Romulus, Ray, Ruslan.
  • Sf Satellite, Sultan, Falcon, Seigar, Stem, Thor, Tarzan, Tibet, Tresor, Fog, Terce, Moody, Urals, Uranus, Hurricane, Willis, Pharaoh, Frank, Franz, Fred, Fox.
  • H-W. Haron, Harris, Harley, Chord, Helvig, Tsar, Caesar, Cyclone, Gypsy, Charles, Champion, Chuck, Black Sea, Shaigan, Bumblebee, Sherlock.
  • E-ya. Elbrus, Edgar, Emur, Jupiter, Eugene, Yuchan, Yunga, Yavor, Amber, Yakhont, Yarik.

Important! Probably you yourself noticed that Russian nicknames for dogs of dogs of a shepherd are more sonorous and meaningful, filled with hard power, which is typical for dogs of this breed.

Nicknames for dogs husky boys, like, Alaskan Malamute:

  • A-G. Altai, Adam, Excitement, Ararat, Amulet, Buran, Baikal, Buyan, Golden eagle, Bogdan, Wind, Herald, Volcano, Wolf, East. Thunder, City, Thunderstorm, Mountain.
  • DZ Dinar, Jedi, Smoke, Euphrates, Huntsman, Jacques, Jacquard, Zenith, Zador, Zorro.
  • THEM. Indigo, Idris, Ilmar, Eton, Fang, Crete, Chestnut, Kazbek, Lute, Fierce, Peaceful, Michael, Mike.

Chic Alaskan Malamute must wear a nickname

Chic Alaskan Malamute must wear appropriate nickname

  • NR Nobel, Nord, Orion, Ostap, Traveler, Pilot, Expanse, Dawn, Rome, Rakhat.
  • CX. Snow, North, Sirius, Taran, Tungus, Tagore, Uzbek, Hurricane, Felix, Phoenix, Frost, Khazar, Chester, Shuttle, Shaman.
  • E-ya. Erwin, Everest, Juraj, Utlai, Yalek, Clear, Yamal.

Nicknames for dogs of boys of small breeds:

  • A-G. Aisik, Achi, Archie, Alish, Alf, Bagel, Beads, Bonnie, Bow, Bambi, Baxi, Volt, Wels, Venia, Vertik, Goodwin, Grenya, Gucci, Grim.
  • DZ Joo, Jess, Jam, Dema, Efim, Yesha, Yerema, Beetle, Zhorik, Gerard, Zhaur, Zorik, Bunny, Zelya.
  • THEM. Hoarfrost, Icarus, Izi, Ginger, Kent, Cliff, Coconut, Clyde, Kip, Lucky, Lyde, Lepic, Lewis, Almond, Milk, Mickey, Mike, Baby.

What would you call these furry babies?

What would you call these furry babies?

  • NR Nobel, Norik, Noxy, Neville, Walnut, Ozzy, Orfi, Pixel, Partos, Perseus, Donut, Ricci, Rocky, Ruch.
  • Sf Smile, Simba, Styopa, Stefan, Sugar, Truffle, Tim, Taylor, Timmy, Willis, Ulf, Ushanya, Umka, Fiji, Freddy, Felix, Fant.
  • H-W. Hemul, Hugo, Henk, Harris, Citrus, Ces, Chikki, Chip, Charlize, Chile, Sheldon, Sheki, Shustrik.
  • E-ya. Elf, Eflis, Elvis, Emik, Yucca, Yulik, Yusya, Yalik, Yazhi, Yakhont, Yasik.

In many ways, the future character of the dog depends on the nickname you have chosen. After all, you know how to name the ship ...

In many ways, the future character of the dog depends on your choice. nicknames. After all, it’s known how you call a ship …

Seriously and carefully approach the question of choosing a nickname, because with by this name you will have to live for many years, for which you and the dog should feel comfortable and understanding.

Nicknames for dogs of boys: how to choose?

The nickname, like the human name, carries a meaning and certain character traits. Choose nicknames for boys dogs necessary, guided by some rules.

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