Newborn “wrong” Doberman breeders threw in the parking lot

Non-standard color babies are born in all breeds. Often they become just pets, and sometimes they sell for a lot of money, like exclusive pets. In our case, people found the third option – they just threw out to die a tiny puppy.

It happened in Perm: Doberman Dylan was in the shelter “Island hopes “from an abandoned parking lot, where he was left to die. surprisingly lucky – the local bitch just had puppies, she felt sorry for the poor fellow and fed him. Then the volunteer noticed the homeless and moved to a shelter.

Dylan is a real Doberman in all his ways, and unusual color only adds to his charm. It is very smart and positive. dog. Shelter employees are sure: the dog will definitely appear worthy host. Already now he is on probation, and the new mistress even gave him a new name Casper, so that together with the old nicknamed all the bad things are in the past.

Keep the fists on luck for this dog!


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