New York Governor Signs Rescue Act pets

New York State Formally Rescues Law pets that negligent owners have closed in a car in the heat or frost. In this case, firefighters or policemen can now open the car urgently and free the animal.

State Governor Andrew Cuomo Signs New Law and Expresses personal satisfaction with this fact. The official loves dogs, contains them at home and wants all motorists to be responsible belonged to their pets.

Help the dog

With the adoption of the law, the rescue service will be able to quickly help animals that suffer from hypothermia or, conversely, overheating – it is likely that this will save the life of more than one the dog.

And owners will be punished for cruelty to animals not only in the form of broken glass, but also in financial terms. On first time penalty for a soulless motorist will be fifty dollars, and already with repeated violation will increase to two hundred.

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