Mostly swifts: an unusual phenomenon in the Lower Novgorod

In Nizhny Novgorod and the Nizhny Novgorod region on land massively Chicks of swifts fall. Unusual seasonal phenomenon called “swifts”.

Now the haircut for the first time fly out of the nests, many of them fall to the ground. And if it is recommended not to touch other types of fibers, then Swift chicks must be helped. Fact that they are not can independently take off from the ground or other flat surface. Moreover, the above applies not only to babies, but also adult birds.


The legs of the swifts are very short and not designed for movement on a flat surface

Help the birds very carefully so as not to damage feathers – if this happens, the bird will no longer be able to fly. Swift you need to raise it higher in the palm of your hand, but not toss it up, because he could be injured in the fall. If the chick does not take off, then consult with experts, as a last resort on the forums bird lovers – an injured or dehydrated bird will have to nursing. Although sometimes she just needs to sit for a while a safe place, better under the supervision of a person.

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