Monkey boxer beat up a little guest

According to the information portal Life.RU, in one of the zoos in China the primate raged. The monkey, according to eyewitnesses, first ate the treats that the young visitor brought to her, and led calm yourself. But once the dainty is over, primate got angry and rushed to beat up the little girl.

The behavior of the monkey came as a surprise to all visitors and zoo staff in China.

The primate ate the treat, and then for no reason hit the girl who brought this treat. The blow was strong. The baby literally “knocked out”, falling on the steps and hitting.

Why the primate was so angry is unknown. Perhaps the fault is too intense heat and a large number of tourists. Not so long ago similar cases have occurred in Russia. So, at the exhibition exotic animals in Arkhangelsk monkey hit hard two year old baby.

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