Meet: Baby Aegie, Handmade Polar dipper

Mark Abbot Dumas is a famous person not only in his native Canada. Professional trainer prepared for filming in Hollywood the cinema has a lot of wild animals, but with one of them it couldn’t breake down.

In the course of the next film, he was supposed to participate in it. a white teddy bear, and a suitable girl was found in one from the Swedish zoos. The baby’s name was Aegie and she is so moving became attached to her tutor that Mark decided to leave the dipper to myself. To do this, I had to draw up a great many documents, but the trainer did not back down.

A trainer with a polar bear

Aegi grew up in a huge, beautiful and absolutely tame beast. The polar bear eats several kilograms of chicken per day. and salmon, as well as a large soldering of the best dog food. She is very attached to her master, but applies to other people wary. This is the only polar bear in the world, who became a pet.

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