Marry a retriever: 49-year-old Elizabeth Hoad going to get engaged to his dog

Recently it has become fashionable to marry animals, equipment and even food. That’s American model Elizabeth Hoad has not lagged behind the trends and recently announced her engagement with the dog.

American top model Elizabeth Hoad was an object in her youth the envy of many girls, because she met with such gentlemen, like Seve Balesteros (Spanish golfer), James Hunt (professional racer) and others. But now the tastes of a woman changed radically: at 49, Elizabeth chose to be her life partner his golden retriever Logan.

The choice fell on the dog for a reason: after 8 years having been to 220 unsuccessful On dates, the model decided that she could not find a better husband than Logan. “I thought it would be nice to instead marry Logan – he never leaves me, and we love each other. Some may think I’m crazy, but it seems to me right. ”


Happy “groom” Logan

Elizabeth is currently trying to settle the pre-wedding formalities and persuade the Catholic Church to marry her with “the groom.” The wedding is planned not too loud: only 20 guests, and the huskies are the Bear and Ajax.

Hoad’s plans also include a romantic trip with Stops at hotels where you can live with pets. This “relationship” will be the first officially registered in the life of the model. Before of this she made 2 engagements.

And how do you feel about the current tendency to do spouses pets? Write in the comments!

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