Manul kittens came out to people

According to Komsomolskaya Pravda (Novosibirsk), at a local zoo manul kittens left the house for people. Experts say that it’s very rare to see them close even in the zoo. Usually they are hiding from people.

Four cubs of manuls hit the lens of photographer Sergey Kazakova. It happened at nine in the evening, when the zoo is already preparing for closing, and almost no visitors left.

The photographer suggested that the animals most likely felt that there are no more people, and decided to leave the shelter. Sergey took off the camera, like four kitty manulas, they first play smartly with each other friend, and then mom cat joins them.

According to Kazakov, even adult manuls are not so easy to photograph on a busy weekday, and see the whole family with the kids in broad daylight – this is real luck.

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