Love and fantasy of the hostess put the patient sheep on her feet

Baby Blossom was born with a serious kidney disease. This cute little sheep survived and was able to walk only thanks to her good housewife.

The Scots generally have a special, touching attitude towards the sheep, but living on the small island of Rachel Challoner has shown miracles dedication to save your little pet. When it became clear: one of the lambs has a congenital disease, the owners firmly decided that they would not put him to sleep, but would do everything possible to cure.

The white sheep was called the Blossom, and Rachel herself watered it warm milk, nursed folk remedies. The family lives in solitude not crowded place – on the island of Fair Isle, where there are no veterinary clinic, so they had to do a lot intuitively, guided by a strong desire to help the living creature.

Sheep with the mistress

Rachel and her husband came up with a design for the front legs of Bloss from stubs of downspouts and metal rods

The mistress spent a lot of time with Bloss so that the sheep wouldn’t I felt like an outcast, because the other sheep did not want to communicate with her. The insidious disease at first seemed to recede, but then gave complication on the front legs, and the animal lost the opportunity to walk. Mrs. Challoner didn’t back down either this time. inventive woman came up with a simple device for rehabilitation of your pet.

Sheep Blossom

Now Blossom is three years old, and she is clearly recovering.

Mr. Challoner, using improvised means, embodied his wife’s idea in reality: from pieces of plastic pipes and metal rods he assembled a unique design, literally put Blossom on her feet. Now the cyborg sheep walks and even runs independently, and the hosts daily remove the device and rejoice that the pet’s legs are getting stronger. Maybe already soon the need for their know-how will completely disappear.

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