Living Stone: A Fun Monkey Reaction to the tortoise

A video has recently appeared on the web of a meeting of young chimpanzees and turtles. Funny video is quickly gaining popularity.

The heroes of the video were monkeys from the Chimpanzee Conservation Center, located in Guinea. Young animals are often taken for walks, so that they get used to the world and get to know others animals. This time, for the first time in their life, monkeys saw a turtle. Their surprise and curiosity when meeting with an incomprehensible object mixed up with fright. Apparently, chimpanzees took the reptile for stone, since at first they pushed it and pounded on the shell. Perplexed, they leaned toward the turtle and tried better than it make out. It is not known whether, in the end, the monkeys understood that before them is a living being. However, the impressions of meeting them certainly a lot left.

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