Lion instead of a passenger: in a rental car predator

On the Champs Elysees detained a rented sports car Lamborghini, in which there was a tormented lion cub. This was reported by the French Animal Protection Fund on its website.

French police detained a rental sports car, and his the tenant was taken into custody. The incident occurred on November 12.

30 Millions d’Amis Foundation (meaning 30 million friends) Took up the rescue of a young predator. The animal was inside the rented cars. The man who was driving was detained and taken under to the guard.

The lion cub was called Putin, but later the animal rights activists gave him another name – I will. At the time of salvation, he was several months old.

Veterinarians examined the cub and concluded that the lion cub was extremely weakened. In addition, he had problems with hind legs when walking. But the general condition of the animal was evaluated as satisfactory.

Dada was quarantined. As he recovers, he will be transferred. in the nursery of the Loire department. There he will be accompanied by two others lion cub rescued a little earlier.

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