Like a bag with things: an orange closed in a chamber storage

Omsk residents entered into a heated discussion about the dear photos published online by one of the local buyers supermarket “Ocean”. Pomeranian locked the owners in the storage box.

Entrance to the store with animals is prohibited, and tying expensive a dog near the entrance is risky – it will be stolen. Here are the owners of the orange and came up with an “original” solution – they just close the pet in luggage room, and they go shopping.

Spitz in the locker

The door in the cell is transparent, and through it you can see that the dog is sitting calmly: for sure it is not closed here first. It seems like it’s okay – a pet in safety, and the owners will soon return for him. Hurry only – the door is closed tightly, and there will not be enough air in the cell for a long time. However, there is nothing surprising in such an act: many owners treat decoration as things or toys; from friends don’t do that.

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