Let’s goats: scientists are exploring the genome unique breed

Stavropol scientists received a grant from the Russian Scientific Foundation for the study of the local goat breed – Karachay. Employees The All-Russian Research Institute of Sheep and Goat Breeding will now be able to develop genetic tests that will help reproduction of animals unique in their qualities.

Karachev goat loves fresh air and environmentally friendly weed. In search of such advantages, she climbs high into the mountains – for a kilometer and up. Other domestic breeds do not know how: Alpine pastures in the Caucasus are accessible only to wild goats – tours.

Goat of Karachai breed

The breed is highly productive, and its meat has medicinal properties: it is dietary and contains a minimum of fat. Purpose four-year project is selection and selection producers capable of transmitting the best pedigree to offspring quality. The total grant amount is 24 million rubles.

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