Leo saved his brother from a flock of attacking hyenas – video

In one of David Attenborough’s documentary series captured the fight of a lonely lion and a flock of hungry hyenas. Video was posted on the official BBC channel.

Naturalist David Attenborough Filming For BBC Channel Dynasty documentary on lions and their descendants.

Filming another movie, David witnessed a flock attack hyenas on a lonely lion who wandered into foreign territory. At first the big cat is surrounded by about ten hyenas, but a little later the whole flock is connected. And there are already more than twenty of them.

The young lion is trying to fight off hardy predators, but with every minute his strength leaves. Just a little more – and he was bullied would. But a miracle happens, and a cousin appears on the horizon, which radically changes the situation.

According to the naturalist, the cousin arrived in time for help brother of a lion tattoo.

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