Lemurs nose smell the enemy

According to VistaNews, an American scientist Duke Research University decided to explore habits lemurs from a new perspective. Rachel Harris thought it would be nice Find out how these cute “cats” show themselves in fights.

For research more than twenty lemurs were taken. And during tests it turned out that cute pussies are able to determine when the enemy is weak – they literally smell it with their nose. For lemur the “tool” for survival is their super-sharp sense of smell.

Thanks to the scent, lemurs can sense danger in advance and to warn her brothers about her.


Smelling – the main “tool” for the survival of these lovely animals

And during fights, animals produce special secrets (secretions), thanks to which another lemur can understand that the adversary is weak. To prove this theory, scientists gave experimental animals sticks, on which secrets of both healthy and injured during the battle of relatives. The study took participation of both males and females of cat lemurs.

It turned out that they can identify weak opponents by smell everything is the same. But the males of lemurs are more proud. They are more thorough studied sticks with the secrets of weak representatives of the species, and then also marked “trophy”, thereby indicating their superiority in this territory.

The experiments were conducted jointly by American and Canadian scientists. It took researchers nearly nine years to identify the relationship. excretory system by the animal, their scent and abilities warn of danger.

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