Legend Destruction: Scientists Refute Myth that sharks don’t swim next to dolphins

An indisputable truth is known among surfers: where they swim dolphins, you will never meet a shark. But for ocean lovers, feeling comfortable next to dolphins swimming by shark experts have bad news.

“The statement that sharks do not swim where dolphins are, nothing more than a myth, “says Andrew Nozal, a shark expert from University of San Diego.

And, moreover, this myth is very far from reality, according to statement by Stephen Kajiura, a shark expert from Florida Atlantic University. “It’s just the opposite,” says scientist – “if you see dolphins, then sharks with big likely to be nearby. “This is because two These predatory species are often hunted in the same places.


The myth stems from the misconception that dolphins are natural enemies of sharks, and sharks do everything to avoid meeting with them. There is a bit of truth in this statement – dolphins sometimes drive out sharks that are close to the pack if they feel a threat. With such collisions, the shark can swim away with a rather serious beatings.

Kajiura explains that shark-dolphin collisions are more likely an exception than a rule. Still pop culture has seized upon image of dolphins fighting sharks. Nozal said popular the Flipper series about two boys and their dolphin was especially guilty of perpetuating the myth that dolphins scare sharks. On The Flipper show frantically chased away sharks from its beloved hosts. However Flipper is not an example of typical dolphin behavior.

Diver and Shark

If you are worried that you can meet shark, experts advise to observe several rules:

  • Avoid swimming at sunrise and sunset when visibility below;
  • do not swim in places where sharks are often found – in underwater slopes and cliffs, next to fishing boats, schools of fish and clusters of algae;
  • do not swim alone;
  • try to visit beaches with lifeguard attendants.

Most importantly, scientists say that vacationers should remember: although the probability of shark attacks is very low (in the US, sharks become cause only 1 death per year), the ocean is still – territory sharks.

“Swimmers should be smart about swimming in the ocean,” says Nozal. – “There is no such thing as“ filled with sharks of water. ”Sharks live in the ocean. This is their home”.

Shark in the ocean

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