Laughing cows will be sent to parking lot

Paid in Malyshevsky district of Sverdlovsk region overexposure for cows that graze uncontrollably on the streets cities.

“Samovygul” cattle has become a problem for many small settlements on the periphery. Saving on services the shepherd, the owners send the animals to autonomous grazing than create inconvenience for locals and travel motor transport.


A cow walking unattended can be dangerous

Sometimes cows can even behave aggressively. For example, in the town of Asha of the Chelyabinsk region recorded situations where the bogeys not only wandered into the playgrounds, but also attacked children.

Now in the Malyshevsky urban district of the unconscious cattle owners will be punished in rubles. Their cows will be transported to a small farm and kept in full board until the owners pay this forced overexposure.

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