Kindergarten for parrots

Permyak Evgeny Muromsky is the only breeder in Russia so far, which successfully breeds red-headed kaiks. This rare species parrots, according to the breeder, will certainly become very popular.

Eugene loves parrots since childhood and knows a lot about them. In the apartment of Perm live different types of parrots: one room he fully equipped for kindergarten for chicks, created here special microclimate, the diet and diet are strictly observed. This is a rather troublesome economy, because at the same time in kindergarten 35 feathered pupils stay.

But the main hobby of a man is red-headed kaiki. About unfortunately, we have few of these smart, funny and beautiful birds even experts know. Eugene of Murom succeeds regularly receive and grow offspring of kaiks; his nursery became first in Russia.

The parrot with the owner

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