Kid vs. Bulldog: Fight Failed (video)

A funny video was shot in Ireland, where one courtyard is peaceful families of very different pets get along: black goats and English bulldogs. Once two “teenagers” undertook to find out relations.

The kid-kid became the instigator – he obviously itched growing horns and really wanted to wrestle with something. The bully has become pester your peer bulldog. By all means he called addition to the duel: stood on its hind legs, attacked from the start and even tried to butt but for real.

But the rival turned out to be absolutely impenetrable: the bulldog is steadfastly not answered the hooligan creeps of a kid. Unknown how long would this childish fuss last if it hadn’t tired of adults. Bulldogs mom barked sternly at infatuated children, and butting instantly stopped.

Video: the duel did not work

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