Keith died in Kamchatka

According to “RIA. News” with reference to the Kronotsky Reserve Kamchatka’s north, at the end of last week, a humpback whale became entangled in nets in the Gulf of Corfu, this caused the immobility of the animal. As a result, the whale passed away.

Photos appeared on social networks last week dead animal – young humpback whale. The tragedy occurred in Bering Sea in the north of Kamchatka. Kronotsky employees of the reserve suggested that the whale was caught in fishing nets, not could get out, and was thrown aground.

Fishing tackle is a dangerous trash, it’s more than once became the cause of the death of rare animals. Here and in this times the staff reserves during the raid on the bay diligently found and lifted on the ship all the nets and gear left over from fishermen.

According to Vladimir Kronotsky Reserve employee Vertyankin, nets and buoys are a dangerous threat to whales. Animals not notice them when they emerge to ventilate the lungs, in The result is entangled in networks. And when they try to get out, then the opposite happens – the network further entangles the body, fins and tail of the animal, tightened tighter and tighter. After all, the whale it’s just being immobilized and cannot inhale oxygen, nor dive deep into the water for food.

With a humpback whale that got caught in the net on the last net, the same tragedy happened. He couldn’t get out on his own from networks. He died from necrosis and hunger.

The reserve reminded that the humpback and gray whales listed in the Red Book. Their migration is just across the Bering Sea off the coast of northern Kamchatka. Therefore, entry to fishing vessels here is strictly prohibited – this the territory is under protection.

Nevertheless, fishing gear is constantly in equatorial waters on a mammalian path. Carries them here after the crews of the ships throw away used tackle in open water.

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