Kayra took a trace: the Belgian shepherd found prodigal flock

Frustrated turned to the police department of Blagoveshchensk woman with an unusual statement. At a resident of the village Novotroitskoe a whole herd of nine goats and one lamb disappeared – the mistress suspected her animals were stolen, thoroughbred goats, expensive.

The herd was usually self-grazing outside the village outskirts, but in the evening the animals returned home disciplinedly. But not this time. Without waiting for the pets, the hostess searched unsuccessfully they almost all night, and in the morning hurried to the police.

A canine with a service dog rode into place. A Belgian shepherd named Kaira quickly took a track and already soon led people to a stray herd. Goats and lamb found in a marshland almost two kilometers from the village: they huddled together on a small island and were afraid to descend on a shaky the soil.

Sheepdog Kayra

Sheepdog Kayra received a lot from the grateful villager delicious

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