Karelian state traffic inspector returned to the owner lost dogs: video

Petrozavodsk traffic inspector Alexei Kuritsyn detained unusual violators of traffic rules when patrolling entrusted him a section of the Sortavala highway.

Suddenly, on the road in front of a company car, they ran out of the roadside two young likes. They blithely frolic right on the highway, risking any moment to be under the wheels.

Alex got out of the car and tried to replace the four-legged into it violators. This was not immediately possible: the dogs decided that the person with plays them, and enthusiastically supported this idea. But inspector showed perseverance and was already driving along the route with likes. Fortunately, their collars were equipped with addressees – tokens with the host phone.

Alexey Kuritsyn

By calling the specified number, the guy found out that the dogs decided to walk in nature and ran away from the owner for more than a week back, and he everywhere searches for them and already almost despaired. The traffic inspector brought the fugitives home.

Video: the case when a meeting with a traffic inspector is big luck

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