Jumpsuit for the dog with his own hands – patterns, measurements, step by step instructions

With the onset of cold weather, you can increasingly meet on the streets dogs dressed in fancy warm overalls. And it is not only tribute to fashion trends. Shorthair animals can freeze, and long-haired – get dirty. Clothing for animals is not so cheap, but overalls for a dog can be sewn with your own hands.


  • 1 How to take measurements from a dog
  • 2 Materials required
  • 3 patterns
  • 4 Step-by-step sewing instructions
  • 5 How to train an animal to wear clothes in the cold of the year

How to take measurements from a dog

To build patterns and tailoring overalls for animal must be measured correctly. Before as to begin this lesson, you should install the dog in a rack. AT otherwise, the parameters of her body will change, and the dimensions will not be correspond to reality.

During measurements, data should be recorded as they are. are actually not adding centimeters to allowances. The thing is the fact that there are a large number of patterns of clothing for dogs, and allowances are calculated already when cutting fabric. In addition, the quantity the added centimeters directly depends on which one jumpsuit fabric is sewn.

Dog clothing sizes

For accurate dog measurement, use a factory centimeter tape

The main measures that need to be taken:

  • Chest girth – the parameter is measured at the widest point of this body parts of the animal.
  • The length of the back is the distance from the withers to the base of the tail.
  • Abdominal girth – measured in the narrowest part of the body dogs.
  • Neck circumference – measured in the place where it is usually located collar.
  • The distance between the front and rear legs – measured side view.
  • Paw height – this parameter is necessary if you are sewing overalls with sleeves.
  • The distance from the neck to the armpits.
  • The hind tarsus volume in its widest part is the only one measurement to be taken when the animal is sitting.
  • The distance between the front legs.

These measurements will be enough to sew a beautiful and cozy jumpsuit for your pet.

Necessary materials

Essential Tools

Instead of chalk, you can use soap

In order to sew any thing, patterns are needed. There are a large number of ready-made patterns of overalls for dogs, changing which in accordance with the taken measurements, you can make a great product.

To sew overalls you will need:

  • two types of fabric – upper, preferably waterproof and lining. When choosing fabric, consider how comfortable the pet will be in clothes. This is especially true for the lining. For her choose flannel, cotton, fleece and other soft and warm fabrics;
  • threads
  • tractor lightning;
  • two gum;
  • Velcro
  • tape measure;
  • graph paper, if none can be used old wallpaper;
  • sewing machine;
  • crayon;
  • scissors;
  • pins.


Using patterns, clothes for dogs can be decorated in their own way to choice. The simplest pattern of overalls for a dog. For tailoring of such overalls you need only one measure – the length of the back dogs. In accordance with this parameter, all other sizes.

Pattern number 1

When measuring the length of the back, the dog should be level surface

And this is a simulated overalls pattern with individual sleeves and trousers. Based on the previous one. Suitable if your pet has custom sizes.

Pattern number 2

Any pattern can be changed at your discretion.

This is a pattern of a complex jumpsuit with a hood and cuffs. However, it is advisable to sew cuffs on any jumpsuit or stick down the sleeveless gum.

Pattern number 3

Such a pattern is already suitable for experienced craftswomen

Did you know that the appearance of Velcro for clothes is associated with dogs? Georges de Mestral used to shoot after a walk with a dog with her hair the heads of a burdock. Once he examined them under a microscope, thanks to which I saw tiny hooks, with their using the head cling to the hair of animals (such as dogs). So de Mestral came up with the idea of ​​Velcro.

Step-by-step sewing instructions

Necessary materials

The fabric is best used natural

How to sew a jumpsuit:

  1. Before starting to sew overalls, you should choose pattern and prepare all the necessary materials and tools. For sewing the overalls described below was used simple выкройка.Simple pattern of overalls

    Старайтесь сделать выкройку такую, чтобы вы смогли потом по нейsew overalls

  2. Измерьте длину спинки собаки.Measuring the length of the dog’s back

    Следите за тем, чтобы собака стояла прямо

  3. Enlarge the pattern according to the measured parameter and transfer it to tracing paper.
  4. Make a copy of the details cut out from tracing paper on the old wallpaper or миллиметровую бумагу.Patterns

    Постарайтесь быть точными при переводе выкройки на кальку

  5. Lay out the resulting patterns on the fabric. So they don’t slip, лучше всего закрепить их при помощи булавок.Product Details

    Мелком обведите все детали и вырежьте их, оставляя припуски наseams 1–1.5 cm

  6. An insert from same fabric in a different color. However, she plays a role not only jewelry, but also the belt on which it will subsequently be tightened шнурок.Overalls belt

    Цвет tissue лучше подобрать тот, который будет практичен

  7. Cut out the details of the lining from the flannel, because комбинезон должен быть не только красивым, но и уютным.Lining

    Фланель — тёплая ткань, обычно с пушистым ворсом

  8. Fold the details of the outer and lining fabric and sew them. If нет опыта в шитье, то сначала лучше наметать вручную.Stitching parts

    Перед шитьём проверьте, как шьёт машинка на ненужном лоскуткеткани

  9. В боковые вставки другого цвета поместите шнурок.lace

    Шнурок необходимо согнуть пополам

  10. If the pattern was without a fold, then sew the details of the overalls in этом месте.stitching overalls details

    Не торопитесь, сшивайте детали аккуратно

  11. To sew the jumpsuit, the corresponding parts should be folded лицевой стороной внутрь и прострочить.sewing together clothing parts

    Сначала сшиваются детали в области груди, затем передниеpaws

  12. Теперь можно пришить боковые вставки.stitching side inserts

    Чтобы швы получились ровными, можно использовать полоскуelectrical tape, which must be glued at the desired distance from needles

  13. К боковым вставкам пришиваются задние детали одежды.stitching back parts

    Комбинезон защитит вашего питомца от грязи, пыли, укусовinsects

  14. В последнюю очередь сшиваются детали задних лап.stitching paw parts

    Обычно в качестве материала комбинезона используют плащёвку

  15. Since the jumpsuit is autumn, it provides воротник.Collar

    Подбираем цвет воротника такой же, как цвет пояса

  16. Fold the collar part face in and прострочите.The detail of the collar should be stitched.The detail of the collar should be stitched.

    Чтобы швы получились прямые, можно ориентироваться на лапкуsewing machines

  17. Затем его следует вывернуть.Turning the collarTurning the collar

    На сегодняшний день одной из самых популярных моделей одежды дляdogs are overalls

  18. И пришить к комбинезону.Sew the collar to the jumpsuitSew the collar to the jumpsuit

    Лучшая одежда для собаки та, которая лишена мелких деталей, ихthe dog can bite and swallow

  19. A wide elastic should be inserted into the collar with a pin. таким образом, чтобы её края немного выступали.We insert an elastic band in a collarWe insert an elastic band in a collar

    Вместо булавки можно использовать трубочку для коктейля

  20. Make a clasp. To do this, on the protruding edges of the gum пришейте липучки.ClaspClasp

    Пришиваем красными нитками

  21. It remains only to try on clothes on the pet and make sure что она отлично ему подходит.Trying on ready-made overallsTrying on ready-made overalls

    После комбинезона можно сшить кофту и штанишки

How to train an animal to wear clothes in the cold season

Dogs are not people. Wearing clothes is unnatural for them, and therefore they can show considerable resistance when trying to dress them, especially for the first time. Each dog has its own individual character. Some will calmly accept the “quirk” of the owner and give put on overalls, while others will desperately resist to this. There are no universal ways to accustom a dog to clothes, but there are Some recommendations that will help in this difficult task:

  • You should accustom a dog to clothing from the tender age of a puppy. So the animal will better perceive its wardrobe, which will undoubtedly be constantly updated.
  • In any case, it’s best to train your pet in clothes with light a cufflink covering his back. And this should be done at home conditions. Let the pet walk around the house for several minutes a day in a row. Then you can change them to T-shirts, overalls without “sleeves” and at the very least you can dress the dog in a closed costume.
  • New clothes, even hand-sewn, will have unfamiliar dog smell. Therefore, it is better if it is several days lie down at home. So the pet will better perceive the new thing.
  • Wearing a dog jumpsuit for the first time, no need to exercise irritation, even if she resists. Swearing you only scare away the animal. It should be gently but persistently bring the matter to the end.
  • That the dressed dog does not go in cycles in clothes, it is necessary for it with something distract. Play with him, for example, the ball. The pet is distracted and will forget about the inconvenience.
  • Many dogs, for the first time wearing overalls, freeze or even lie down on the floor. Do not persuade them or feel sorry. And even more so Do not immediately strip the dog. She will take it as encouraging one’s behavior and it will be very difficult in the future to accustom her to overalls.

Sewing clothes for the dog is easy with your own hands. It’s not here millimeter accurate measurements are required. Animal must Feel comfortable in clothes. It is desirable that the suit be free and not constrained movements. But in your jumpsuit your pet will look original and stylish, because you you can create any model depending on your wishes.

After you sew your jumpsuit with your own hands, you don’t it will be difficult to make another blouse and panties for your beloved four-legged pet.

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