Japanese nicknames for cats and cats

Japan is a country with a long history and many exciting attractions. Therefore it is not surprising that culture and the country as a whole is attracted by so many people.

Japanese cat nicknames are gaining popularity around the world. Even if you are far from being a “Japanese-phil”, and your pet does not come from this countries, such as Japanese bobtail, there are still many reasons to give your kitten such a name ..

The Japanese love and respect their cats so much that February 22 – official national day of cats, so they have so many beautiful and mystical, like the country itself, names for these pets. They will help you describe your cat’s personality in one word and it is unlikely that any of your acquaintances will name theirs as you.

If you are looking for a unique, exotic and beautiful name for your new kitten, then you came to the address. List of original nicknames for cats and cats, especially those who came from Japanese mythology, nobody will not leave you indifferent.


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Japanese nicknames for cats and cats

Regardless of the gender of the kitten, you can easily pick up a suitable nickname based on its meaning. We will start the list with cat names for boys, so if you have a cat, then you can skip this part. However, it’s better to read it, because never You won’t guess where you can stumble upon the perfect name for your pet.

Nicknames for cats

Cat with big eyes

Any individual trait of your pet can be the basis choosing a japanese nickname

Here are the names that perfectly describe any cats. Every matters, so you can easily find one that Perfectly describes the nature of your pet.

  • Aki: Autumn or Bright. Perfect for a brown or striped cat with shiny hair. That’s sweet the name will set the cat apart from similar animals with boring and the ordinary nicknames “Ginger”, “Peach” or “Amber.” If you want her can be used for cats.
  • Akihiko: “the bright prince.” Beautiful name for cats that are as smart and graceful as princes. Great choice for funny curious pets who constantly spend their time exploring something.
  • Akihiro: “great glory.” A cat with this the name will be a bright future. For example, he can become a winner many cat shows and spend their old age in pride their achievements. This is a great nickname for pets who love adventure and playfulness by nature.
  • Akira: “bright.” This name is suitable for very smart cats that love to explore the world. Akira will learn any trick as soon as possible and will always be obedient.
  • Arata: “new.” This is the nickname for the long-awaited a kitten. Arata symbolizes the changes and the joy of the owners that they experiencing with the advent of the pet.
  • Atsushi: “a hardworking leader.” Great a name for a cat who always seeks to get what he wants. Atsushi will manage your family from the moment he appears and will Keep other animals in the house under control.
  • Give: “big.” Great choice to describe The impressive size of your cat is a beautiful sonorous word. Give will have an excellent appetite, eat the rest of your lunch, if will remain unattended. This cat is better to keep away from the table.
  • Daisuki: this sweet name is a great choice for cats taking an active part in the life of their owner. The nickname means “great helper” and is ideal for pets who love to follow their masters everywhere and participate in all household chores.
  • Doraemon: we all know and love the famous robot cat from the future, but do you know that his name is literally mean “wandering man”? This nickname for a charm who could put yourself in your soul and find yourself a loving home.
  • Hiroki: “a lot of joy.” It is funny and a playful cat that can always make you laugh. His childishness will remain even when he grows old.
  • Rong: a wonderful short name for pets, who are distinguished by dog ​​devotion and listen to everything that you say it. Translated as “obedient.”
  • Ken: “healthy and strong.” This name is usually given cats so that they live a long life. It can also symbolize a muscular and strong animal.
  • Michio: the “traveler.” He is adventurous and always in motion. This is a great name for forever curious cats who are constantly trying to be part of your active life.
  • Nori: “born to rule.” This cat right away will become the best and main pet in the house.
  • Satoshi: “wise, easy to learn.” For very smart cat who quickly learns to behave properly. Training will be easy and it will often entertain you with new ones. tricks.
  • Tadao: This cat’s name means “faithful.” Though this trait is common in dogs, some breeds cats are extremely loyal and loyal to their owners. Tadao – a happy cat who will become a loving and faithful companion is not requiring nothing in return.
  • Yasu: “snow.” May be a good choice for white cats or neat cats that will give you an unconditional love.
  • Yasushi: “peaceful.” Suitable nickname for cats, spending most of their time purring on your lap. A name for calm and obedient pets that sleep in your bed and never naughty.
  • Yoshio: a name for funny and funny cats, which means “joyful life.” If a cat fills your life happiness and laughter, feel free to call it that.

For cats

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese name ideal for Japanese cats bobtail

If you are looking for an unusual and beautiful name for your kitty, the list below is just for you. All these nicknames are feminine and tender, like Japanese image of the perfect woman. Here you can find the one which suits your cat.

  • Aoi: means blue. A good choice for anyone blue-eyed beauty, for example, the breed Ojos azules.
  • Asami: All cats are picky about grooming. for hair, but a cat named Asami, which literally translates as “morning beauty” goes to a completely different level, because it’s very loves when you take the time to take special care of her.
  • Ayumi: means “making progress.” This nickname for active cats that are constantly on the lookout for new adventures.
  • Chi: “wisdom.” Strong feline name for calm cats. The pet will feel when you are depressed, and will offer his communication to make you feel better.
  • Eiko: “eternal child.” This cat never grow up and remain playful for the rest of his life and curious.
  • Erie: everyone who is grateful for the new a family member may call their cat so. Name means “blessed gift” and will always remind you of those feelings that you experienced bringing your pet to your home.
  • Hana: “flower.” Cute and feminine nickname for a cat that is tender and beautiful, like a flower.
  • Hoshi: “star.” Will reflect the bright nature of your cats. This is the name for happy pets who are always waiting for owners. at the front door to greet them.
  • Kimiko: “Queen or mistress.” Perfect nickname for a cat who loves to pamper herself and requires performance all desires. Before choosing this name, you should make sure that your cat has all the appropriate accessories appropriate so royal personages. You might even have to bet for her special furniture.
  • Masako: “elegant.” Good choice for those who seeks to emphasize the grace and elegance of his cat. In fact, they are all beautiful, but this nickname is only suitable for owners of royal posture and balance.
  • Mi: a short name with the meaning “beautiful” for confident cats that are always calm, flawlessly look and ready for compliments.
  • Midori: Green. Perfect name for cat with green eyes.
  • Miva: “calm.” The owner of this nickname – a calm cat who likes to relax in her place by the window and can’t wait for you to return home to curl up on your lap.
  • Rei: “free spirit.” Fearless animal in any moment ready to play. The best name for cats with inexhaustible energy that are always in motion and searching for new adventures.
  • Sashiko: “happy child.” Cat with in the name of playful and inquisitive. She likes to communicate with the owner and always excitedly awaiting his return home.
  • Tamako: nickname for the most valuable treasure. The literal translation is “jewel”. A pet with that name will be sincerely enjoy all the rewards and treats that you give.
  • Tomomi: “a great friend.” For devotees and faithful cats that always determine your well-being and offer support. Such a cat will appreciate your company and will become a true friend. May be suitable for cats.
  • Yuna: “tender.” Great choice for the gentle and calm cats. The owner of this name will always be affectionate to its owner, but may be shy about strangers, so will have to learn to communicate with her.

Cat names coming from Japanese mythology


Maneki-Neko, a symbol of good luck in Japan, the original version japanese nicknames for cat

Those interested in unique Japanese culture can choose a nickname for your cat from the list of mythological deities and their distinguishing features.

  • Amaterasu: the goddess of the rising sun, considered the leader of all gods. If your cat has such features, then this name will suit her.
  • Benzaiten: the goddess of love and happiness, who was originally a Hindu goddess of fortune. This exotic cat the nickname is perfect for a pet that brings good news to your life and fills it with happiness and joy.
  • Bishamon: god of war and happiness. Best name for an animal that loves to challenge other cats. If your the pet likes to win, then you should consider this name for warrior, however, make sure that the battles do not go too far.
  • Haya-ji: the god of the wind. A good choice for fast cats with an impulsive character. Instant response and sharpness – characteristic features of this mythological deity.
  • Hiroko: the god who protects children’s health. Cats are not famous for caring for their offspring: as a rule, they carry responsible for raising kittens until they become quite old enough. But, for example, Siamese cats are very active participate in raising their children. If your cat is one of these, you can give him that name.
  • Ho Masubi: god of fire. Since it used to be at home in Japan was built of paper, everyone wanted to be in favor with this deities. Most cats like to play with toilet paper, newspaper, magazines or just something paper – it’s useful for their claws. The name of the fiery god is suitable for every “paper” destroyer. ”
  • Inari: the goddess of rice and swords, who can turn into a fox. There is not much in common between this. deity and cats, but the nickname sounds beautiful and exotic.
  • Kami: this is not a deity, but a concept, describing the principle of divinity inherited throughout. it short and easy to remember cat name perfect for pet with any temperament.
  • Maneki: if you visit Japanese stores, then everywhere you will see small figures of cats with one foot, swinging in the air. They say that Maneki-Neko can bring good luck in the family. Neko literally means “cat,” so it can Serve as a nickname for your pet.
  • Susano: god of earthquakes, thunders and storms, who has a strange sense of humor and likes to joke. All cats possess these features to one degree or another, but if your cat is an unbearable troublemaker, you can call him Susano.

There are many Japanese cat names from which you can choose the right one for any kitten. They become everything more popular, but there are many of them so that each of They remained unique and inimitable.

Choosing the right nickname for your cat is not an easy task, but Among the many bright options, you will be able to find the one that will accurately convey the nature of your pet.

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