Is it worth it to start a mini-pig in the year of the pig

For those who are seriously thinking about getting a symbol of the coming 2019, experts give practical advice on the content of mini-pigs and care for them.

Zoologist Anna Zolotova recommends the following:

  • evaluate your strength, as not everyone is ready to tie their lives with a pig, albeit a small one, for 15–20 years;
  • figure out if you are allergic to miniature pigs (preliminary it is better to pass an analysis for allergen E83);
  • buy mini-pig only in specialized nurseries;
  • study the features of the desired breed in advance, since from it depends on the height and weight gain of the animal;
  • take a mini-pig at an early age, but consider the possible digestion problems in very small pigs.

Mini-pig breeder Andrey Emelin asks to be responsible to their diet and daily diet. According to Andrey, mini-pigs, like all pigs are omnivores. But this does not mean that they need to be fed to everyone. contract. Owners of mini-pigs recommend including vegetables in the diet, apples and cereals. Feed the pigs 2-3 times a day.



  • Be sure to put your pet in veterinary records;
  • castration and sterilization of mini-pigs is optional owners;
  • bathe your pet 2 times a week, but without shampoos and soap;
  • walks in the fresh air will help the animal avoid obesity.

The owners of the pigs remind the future owners that these animals very curious, so you need to think about security in advance valuable things. The monthly maintenance of mini-pigs will cost 5-8 thousand rubles.

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